Kotaku features the NRS Community in a heavy discussion regarding Wireless (Wi-Fi) Gaming

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by CrimsonShadow, Jun 10, 2017.

By CrimsonShadow on Jun 10, 2017 at 3:58 PM
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    As most of you know by now, NetherRealm Studios dropped a patch this past Monday. The patch for Injustice 2 brought a new matchmaking-embedded approach to identifying opponents' connection types. This patch contained some balance changes, bug fixes and most notably, and the Wi-Fi indicator. Out of the entire list of changes, the Wi-Fi indicator was and still is what players are talking about. Along with the stir this has caused within the community, there are also others watching from afar to see how (or if) this may impact online tournament play.

    For those who may not know, when playing a fighting game, there are two types of connections that players can use: Wi-Fi (connected via wireless signal) or Wired (directly connected to internet router). Well, this new Wi-Fi indicator that shows up on matches displays what kind of connection you've been paired up with.

    Kotaku has put together a feature on the subject, with opinions and thoughts from Joshua Gray, @Pig Of The Hut and others.

    image via Kotaku

    The article:


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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by CrimsonShadow, Jun 10, 2017.

    1. Tony at Home
      Tony at Home
      The comment section to that is great

      "bu-but some people don't have a router located in their apartment, and they get access via communal wi-fi"

      Because excluding people from online tournaments who share a router with 20 other people is bad?
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    2. Bovine McKow
      Bovine McKow
      Join me in this holy crusade to smite the wireless blasphemers. Lag death is the saltiest of all insults.
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    3. TotteryManx
      I only have a PC, so I'm wired, but I get the frustration coming from wireless players. If my modem was installed upstairs in an apartment, why would I want to run a 50ft cord through my house looking all tacky? Way more wireless players on console than wired so the community will be divided. Wired players will have a small community for sure.
    4. tatterbug4
      I played wireless once, never again..
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    5. trufenix
      I don't understand why this has to be a civil war. If there are as many wireless players as they seem to think (and there are) literally nothing will change for them, they will probably still get the same if not more turn downs due to how much they suck or some other reason. There's like, 200 of us and like several tens of thousands of them. You're more likely to encounter someone you don't want to play with because they're a an actual racist than because they're a connection racist.
    6. ImperatrixSindel
      I suppose Chris G is the 'why not both' meme girl in this scenario.
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    7. Eldriken
      lmfao Too soon? Hahaha. I'm dead.
    8. JerzeyReign
      I don't even use wifi on my phone, cat6 boyzzz *insert dog emote here*
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    9. Aramonde
      Deus Vult! Deus Vult!
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    10. Tanno
      The problem is that when you're Wi-Fi the ping response is 2-3 steps higher than the Wired one. And the factors to make this mess are the national and the global connection. Till every nation has high-end and up-to-date connection technologies the Wi-Fi is banned. It's best to stick to wired till the time comes for the Wi-Fi to take over when all the nations have finally get upgraded with their own connections.

      Why do I say this? It's good that you have upgraded everything at your end, but the problem lies to your country's national internet provider.

      Another problem is that the Wi-Fi SHARES the same signal with other devices, like the mobile phone, the smartphone, the laptops, etc, thus making it hard to receive/send the signal to each other. What's worse, there are some obstacles, like people, sound monitors, etc, that prevent the signal to be sent/received, thus making the signal quite low.

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