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KombatNetwork deserves an apology


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Wouldn't doubt it a bit. They sure as shit aren't going to take responsibility.

I just... I'm running out of words to describe how bad everyone just got blatantly bitch slapped. For reasons unknown, probably forever.


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After finding out this morning what went down at MLG, KN really, really do deserve an apology. With everything negative said about them.

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I don't remember saying it makes past tournaments look good. How can you praise MLG, when it's known to do these negative events for FGC, but boycott KombatNetwork for similar reasons?

I'm not praising MLG, what are you talking about? Today was awful.


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Thousands of dollars in prize money and reaching a much broader audience? Yes. Remember how good the mk MLG tournaments were? One bad one doesn't negate the rest.
I remember CEO and EVO 2011/2012 doing more for MK than MLG has ever done for the FGC at all. I'll never forget that EVO 2011 crowd, massive. Most of the people that watch MLG watch Call of Duty and DotA/LoL or whatever the hell is popular nowadays.


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And they can host whatever games they want, but they aren't ever getting my money. Especially after the bullshit they pulled today. Guarantee they'll be begging to get a piece of the MKX crowd when it sells a massive amount of copies in it's first weeks.

That God damn Call of Duty has to give at some point soon. Just the same game every year with a different title, era, and HUD. And they say fighting games are repetitive. Hah.


You and everyone else knows why MLG was highly praised before this event. It provided the people who attended a wonderful experience, nice prize money, and gave MK9 a lot of attention. NO ONE could have predicted this would happen.....but since this did happen, MLG is going to get the criticism it deserves just like KN. I don't think there is a long list of players boycotting KN ran tournaments anyway.

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This thread makes NO sense, past MLG's were great this one sucks so far, but the same goes for KN they've had some bad ones as well . That being said everyone can take the criticism and WORK on it instead of jumping on the bandwagon of whats the newest thing we all hate and boycott.


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MLG has always been shady. eSports in general. Money hungry organization. Players, fans are second. Prize pools seem to decrease every year, and the entry fee seems to increase.

I like the exposure, they say any press is good press. But we do much better on our own without some shady ass big wig gaming league breathing down our necks and telling us what to do. Without the players they'd be nothing.

That being said, maybe they can redeem themselves slightly with top 32 today. It comforts me a lot knowing 2 majors are after this within a month.


This tournament being bad means KN deserves an apology or is somehow vindicated? I don't get it.
That's exactly what I mentioned in another thread way before the shit hit the fan. The title of this thread should read "MLG deserves to be blown up."

@Insuperable (good to see you've been unbanned, by the way), this is not about playing favorites. I know most of us like and respect Shock, and rightfully so. But, if you've been repeatedly sold a substandard product by someone, you go somewhere else, and you're also sold a substandard product, would you go back to the original person and apologize?

I understand that Shock is frustrated and he has the right to ask for MLG to be blown up considering all he had to listen to since NEC. But, instead of trying to rub things in and unjustifiably ask for apologies, how about we learn the real lesson here, and that is to get our act together? And by that I mean the community as a whole and the TO's.
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I think CEO and EVO will help bring some fresh air into the FGC (at least for a little bit), especially us die hard NRS fans. You forget just how many people actually enjoy fighting games until you see that massive crowd hyped in the back. And once MKX releases next year we'll have a whole new wave of positivity and many new dedicated players I'm sure. Injustice will probably be shelved soon after, and most of the drama from these majors forgotten.

It seems to work in cycles. I noticed a lot of bullshit towards the end of MK9's major days too. Then Injustice came out and everyone said "ah, fuck it. I'm over it"