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Kombat Tomb Podkast - 16 Bit's Final Round Announcement!


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alls I can say is Daaaaaayummm ATL bring on the hate! Fly and Pig these two guys I have found to be of the most likeable in the community.... UNTIL this last couple weeks lol. Never heard these guys blastin and bein blasted this much in, well, a long time, if ever... uhhh King hippoo whoo?


Not sure I get the " team 16 bit" team name... lol. Cheeeeeese

Speak up don't be sheep.... The World? Vs VSM? ????


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also just like to say that this 10 min video is the proper way to create "hype".
i think this is a much better way than how LOFT went about it, just my opinion
This kinda thing should be done more often. I'd like to appoint K7 as the Mean Gene Okerland of the MK community. All in favor say "aye!"


#This is great news. I'm really hyped.

I still want to see OSU 16 Bit do his own money matches with certain VSM players, like CDJR (in general) and CDSR (possible kit mirror) as a separate thing.


That podcast was fucking awesome!

Is Medina going to record these hype matches? I'm probably going to miss most the live stream and. I so want to see this going down!


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STORMS I'd like to request right now that when you post the 5v5 results article that you NOT reveal the winning team in the article title. Not sure I'll be able to watch this live but I'm super excited for it. Actually in general I think just saying "Results of blah blah..." as a title would be better because people often come here for the links to the streams and don't want to know the results before they watch it.

This is the most excited I've been for a tournament that I'm not actually going to. I think Pig and 16bit deserve hype of the year awards for this. They both have done an incredible job of not just bringing attention but building hype to epic proportions for this event. You could record literally every match played that weekend and people would watch all of it.


I'm fucking scared. Good thing I'm not going. :(
If you're really not going the entire community is going to be very sad.
And 16 bit will get to flaunt his win by forfeit.
The WWE plot thickens. Next we're gonna find out that Vince (or some other entity) has been paying pl to not compete in order for him to come back at evo like Steve Austin and give everyone the finger after winning the belt.

Tapatalk, helping me procrastinate.

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Yo I'm bringing my HD set up.. even is Pig is streaming it, I still want to use my PC to also capture the hype in HD
ShinBlanka, the tourney organizer will boot you from the venue if you even appear to streaming without his consent, quote me on that.