Kombat Tomb Podcast - Ep. 23 with Death

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  1. K7L33THA

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    Fresh off of Flawless Victory, Death joins us for a solid 4 hours of MK talk. With 2 Sektors winning tournaments this weekend you know we couldn't resist a weekly blowup. We discuss the characters Sonya and Mileena and where Death places them on his tier list. Plus don't miss a heated debate between Slips and 16 Bit over....SNES games? All this and more on this episode!

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  2. 16 Bit

    16 Bit Mash d+1~Cat Claws
    NetherRealm Studios

    So many blowups in this one. :eek:
  3. CitizenSnips

    CitizenSnips A seldom used crab named Lucky. AKA Citizen Snips.

    I remember back in the day I checked out the Sektor forums and everyone said he sucked. That actually turned me away from picking him up back then lol. I shouldn't have bought into it but people seemed adamant about how bad he was.
  4. PND OmegaK

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    PND OmegaK
    I agree with 16bit that the quality of a console shouldn't be based on how influential it was. Even then, I think the SNES can stand on its own against the current generation. The Donkey Kong Country series is a work of art man.
  5. matterovermind

    matterovermind mindundermatter

    ughhhh left my head phones at home and the office is packed full today :( commute is gonna feel 10x longer than usual today too :(

    Anyway, can't wait to give it a listen! You guys never disappoint.
  6. DownfouralitY

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    I told you to start accepting donations! :)

    Already listened, this is my favorite episode so far. Keep it up!
  7. K7L33THA

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    Haha you did man. I was hesitant to ask for money, but I want to make this very clear. We DO NOT want to profit from KTP. All I want is to be able to bring this show to tournaments and give you guys more MK content.
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  8. Medina4life

    Medina4life Media Master

    K7L33THA , you said I was going to be on the next episode like 4 episodes ago..
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  9. K7L33THA

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    Patience my friend, we'll get you on soon.
  10. Medina4life

    Medina4life Media Master

    uhuh, and I'll win a major too
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  11. Full Boat

    Full Boat Noob

    LOL Sektor's F2 doesn't link to flame. Nothing links after F2. I don't know where you guys get this stuff.
  12. yea i wanted to be on this show since forever lol..in due time.....in due time
  13. Maxter

    Maxter Noob

    sektor is way better than cyrax just for the books
  14. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    Man i wish metzos could make Evo, his ermac would upset a LOT of people. hes been using ermac and ermac only since release, hes the single best ermac i have ever played.
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  15. Dust

    Dust Iron Dragon

  16. SwiftTomHanks

    SwiftTomHanks missiles are coming

    celebrating 4/20 much?
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  17. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    i really dont see how, but im not indicating i think cyrax is leages ahead of sektor either, i think theyre both very good, but cyrax deals with his bad matchups far better i feel.
  18. Maxter

    Maxter Noob

    I know you and your brother are some of the best sektor and cyrax out there and you have always been loyal to your characters, but sektor has way less bad matchups than cyrax, cyrax has some 7-3 matches which sektor doesnt have, i don't think sektor has anything under 5-5 really and if he has a bad matchup i don't think it goes under 6-4, even johnny cage and liu kang are bad matchups for cyrax, i just added that to my book, im counting cyrax under top 12 right now.

    This is one of the reason cyrax hasn't won a major here, don't matter how hard i've tried, or the other cyrax players, gratz to you mustard for taking one or 2 in Europe, wish you good luck at EVO
  19. Death

    Death Noob

    I think cyrax is much better than sektor. Sektor is good and probably sitting around 10-12th, but cyrax is a bit better imo.
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  20. LEGEND

    Premium Supporter

    duuude, i told you to pick him up. I wasn't kidding
  21. PND_Ketchup

    PND_Ketchup "More deadly than the dawn"
    Official ESL Gaming

    I personally agree with Mustard (not being biased)

    I think that sektors bad matches are slighty harder to manage, not saying he has loads. He's capable against all of the cast, but I personally believe Cyrax is also capable against the entire cast. They're quite similar in terms of their strength/weakness ratio.
  22. LEGEND

    Premium Supporter


    he needs it, he really does. Without that damage those 3-7s would be damn near impossible
  23. Death

    Death Noob

    What MUs would cyrax lose 3-7? How does a character with the best come back ability in the game lose matches 7-3?
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  24. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    thanks man, i hope i get to meet you at Evo, what characters do you feel cyrax is 7-3 against?
  25. PND_Ketchup

    PND_Ketchup "More deadly than the dawn"
    Official ESL Gaming

    You think Cyrax has a bigger comeback factor than Cage?

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