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Kombat Tomb Podcast - Ep. 17 with Lord of the Fly


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I hope LOTF does well at FR. He seems like a cool dude and he's probably the only one who's reppin Nightwolf. I could be wrong.

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Fly, you'd best bec areful, the new yorkers are coming to steal your land, just as your ancestors had their land taken from them by force hundreds of years ago :/

Mr Mileena,

Only 3 indians are ready for the Battle of NYC

Daniel Day-Lewis (Last of the Mohicans )
Kevin Costner (Dances with wolves)
and Lord of the fly


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I find it amusing how easily people get pissed off over the internet.
Its not just text, its taken straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. But at the same time, if someone I don't really know pulls a little stunt like this I'd just be like "who are you to me? Whats your word mean to me?". If I know the person as a friend or whatnot..well thats different. You know how it is.
@Osu 16 Bit
I have to agree with 16bit, I feel like kitana pressure not even that good. Considering my sparring partner is a kitana (the only mu i know the most), he afraid to use D1 cutter, or even 21 cutter because if he guesses wrong I would blow him up with 30-40 everytime. She has to jip which is a big risk, she could jip after cutter but how is he gonna hit me with cutter in the first place unless he takes some risk...


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A player who places significantly high at majors calls out another player who also does the same. This usually is followed up by what the community calls, "Hype," otherwise known as the excitement that comes from a very anticipated match.

A player who hasn't placed at a major, giving his opinion on how someone who places high at majors is not as good as his placings because of sketchy reasons with no true answers, is not hype. If you are going to share your opinion, the least you can do is let me know what it is you feel I'm doing wrong.

Be constructive, otherwise I honestly have no interest in beating you, not that I wont. I have nothing to prove by beating you, but I will gladly accept the money match, or should I just go ahead and say, "I'll gladly take your money." Unfortunately, this wont happen at Final Round, but I will be at MLG. Hope to see you there, Fly.

Here is an interesting quote I recently came across from "FunnyorTruth" on twitter.

"If it looks stupid, but it works. Its not stupid."

This is what I started telling myself to prepare myself for tournaments. There are times when you are frustrated because you are losing to something you shouldn't be losing to, and you tell yourself, "Why are they using this worthless move." What you should be telling yourself is, "Why am I letting them if its so worthless? And what can I do to beat it."

Also, if whatever move is worthless and gets you blown up, except against one player, you better be damn sure I'll use it on them until they learn their lesson.

^This of course if you are seeing tactics you feel shouldn't be effective, but have when I place high. I honestly don't know what it is, you stated in a post a while back that when you criticize someone, you let them know what they are doing wrong. However, the irony in this is you haven't once told me anything. lol

And here is a video for you, since you guys discussed this.

And lastly. I do look forward to you placing high at Final Round.

Then our match can truly be "Hype." Oh, and I also happen to think you're an exceptional funny guy in person. Hope to meet up with you sometime soon.

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I love bone...that is a great attitude to have. I speak up because I have something to prove. I plan to prove it.

AK L0rdoftheFLY

I hatelove this game
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I will gladly see if there is anything constructive I can say...but I'll do so in pm and I won't do so unless I can offer anything good


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I love bone...that is a great attitude to have. I speak up because I have something to prove. I plan to prove it.
I support any player who wants to get out there and put in work. Good luck at FR.

I really wish I could have made it.

I will gladly see if there is anything constructive I can say...but I'll do so in pm and I won't do so unless I can offer anything good
Sounds great.


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Only thing wrong with Sektor is his wake ups and he doesn't really need them. Maybe make ex flame thrower faster so it is a viable wake up but never should Sektor get armor and half the cast with armor don't deserve theirs. (Kabal, Sonya, Raiden, Jax on his overhead, Reptile, Rain, Kenshi, Shang Tsung)

If CDjr does pick someone new it'll be Sonya.

LOL at the shoutout into the Terminator music.
i agree


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Daaaaaaaaaaamn VSM on blast hard.

Also, 16bit can take Chris G. That dude thinks the matchup is 6-4 Kitana. He's not playing it right.
L-o-fucking-l if this is true.

Is he just that salty about playing Crazy Dominican?


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I won't able to get to Final Round, but I'm still taking off work to stream monster all sunday.
This will be epic as all hell. I honestly have no clue who to be hype for more, the roster is rediculous.

While we're debating vsm vs atl vs arizona vs midwest, some random guy from Possum Trot, Alabama is going to show up with a legit Baraka and all of our heads are going to explode.

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Osu 16 Bit tht promo at the end was awesome just watched the whole thing in one sitting and it totally paid off with the end so VSM whatcha gonna do brothers, when the Midwest runs wild on you!!


Good podcast. I don't get why get mad at the guy. He's expressing himself. Don't like it, don't listen or make him change his mind >:)


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Final Round will be hands down the best MK9 tournament to date. Place your bets gentlemen, shit is going to be hype.