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    Brought to you by 9.95 of the Kombat Network, tonight starting around it's regular time 8:30-9PM EST. Confirmed attendees at this point are the CD Brothers, Riu48, J360, Scoot Magee, KT Smith, Hitoshura and more! Don't miss it! http://www.twitch.tv/team/KombatNetwork

    Another thing would we like to add is since the Kombat Network has essentially changed completely from it's original purpose and it now solely a streaming group (TYM's official stream) - the Kombat Network now invites other Mortal Kombat streamers a chance to become a part of the "Kombat Network". Since 9.95 is in charge of the Kombat Network, any requests to be a part of this network will have to go through him. If you click on the link above ^ you will see that the KN now has a "Team" page with our affiliates listed on the left side. Pretty cool huh?

    Now, tune in tonight! http://www.twitch.tv/kombatnetwork
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    Man, I wanna see Hito's Noob in action. Takin' out CD Jr's Jax at a steady pace lol
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    I'll be watching :)
  4. rzpmkkteam

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    Hermanos! i need to know something:

    Where can i find a software like those you use on the match videos? i mean that software where you can stream a webcam on the face of each players and the other one on the screen (match Making)

    i mean:

    Cam 1: in the face of each player
    Cam 2: Streaming the entire match video

    would be awesome if you guys can help take care :)

    Btw: Long time no pass over here i see that everything has been changed... and for good! EXCELLENT!!!

    Edit: why it says: New Member? Ò_Ò

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