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Kombat League Leaks for Season 3-5 + CASSIE SKIN


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Yeah, I haven't really cared about getting any of the Kombat League skins so far because they are all simple recolors. But those Quan Chi ones are actually kinda unique. They look weird, but unique. Might try to get one, but then again it's three seasons away, so...


How could you tell?
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What happens if you miss the KL seasons? You never have a chance of getting these skins ever again?
maybe KL will get a repeat cycle, so, once reach a certain number (Season 12 maybe ?), they start to repeat all of them over and over again .... or they are just one time event, and later, NRS and WB will release a KL skin pack with all of them to be purcahsed through DLC (IMO, pure greedness, hehe !) :confused: