Kombat Kon footage! - including interview with MK co-creator John Tobias

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    As you might be aware, Kombat Kon took place recently. If you happened to miss this event don't worry, you can catch up with some of the interviews that took place (including one with Mortal Kombat co-creator John Tobias) and enjoy pictures of the event here. I hope you guys enjoy!

    MK Jasper wins our T-Shirt contest

    ]{0MBAT interviews John Tobias
    (There's some REALLY good stuff in this one!)

    MK Dan and ]{0MBAT and myself interview John Turk
    (More interesting stuff in here, too!)

    Also, did you attend the event? If you did, feel free to reply below and share your own pictures of your autographs or photos with friends and guests! It was a blast! Below are my pictures.

    John Tobias and his son, Daniel Pesina and myself. Great times at the after party!
    Tony Marquez, Phillip Ahn, M.D., and Sal Divita
    The 4 amigos! Daniel Pesina, Tony "Johnny Cage is not afraid to die" Marquez, Ho Sung Pak, and myself
    John Tobias and myself
    ]{0MBAT from MK Online, Patrick "The Man" McCarron of TRMK, MK Dan of MK Universe, and myself goofing around on stage
    My big brother from another mother Daniel Pesina and myself going live before the stream at Kombat Kon
    Tony Marquez, John Tobias and his son having fun
    ]{0MBAT, Daniel Pesina, John Tobias, John Turk and myself. This interview was cut for legal reasons, and was exclusive on the Team RipSet stream for viewers watching live, however we will hope to get the recorded footage to you all soon!
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Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by Johnny_C4ge, Nov 22, 2016.

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