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Kombat Kast Recap 5/22

The Kombat Kast is back! Breaking their week long (hiatus?), the crew has come together this week to talk with Rick Hadou, Organizer of Combo Breaker and to get people excited about the biggest major the NRS scene has seen in a long time.


First bit of news, Matt Burke left NRS. So we have a new guy behind the camera named Max. We got some info on how to watch Combo Breaker, with one cool thing planned: Derek mentioned that they are working on pushing the stream in-game. If you want to jump over to Combo Breaker while playing MK11, there should be a function in game to pull up the stream.

With Rick showing up, they announced a special Combo Breaker themed tower that will go live, where the boss is a Rick possessed by Noob Saibot. There wasn't really anything new for anyone familiar with tournaments and how they work, but it was neat to hear Rick talk a little bit about one of the biggest FGC events in the United States. Just some technical talk about how Combo Breaker is ran and the crew went over the pools to talk about the big names to watch out for.

After the Combo Breaker talk, they got into a new segment. One where people can submit some questions about match-ups they struggle in and what you can do better. This time, we were looking at "what can Jade do against Scorpion?". It wasn't super in-depth, the idea was somebody sent in a video and they explained what that guy could have done better, but it was cool. If you want to send in something, you can just message Tyler, 16 Bit or Derek.

So that was it for this week. No DLC or big news, but I'd expect to see something at Combo Breaker this weekend. So yeah. Tune in. Or keep an eye on TYM, I'm not telling you how to live your life.

*Update: Tyler won the Belt Battle 2-1
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