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Kombat aKademy - MK11 Guide Website built by Raptor


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Saw a link on raptor's twitter to this new (to me at least) website called : Kombat aKademy

Raptor if you do not know him is a MKx / IJ2 Pro Player that made a bunch of top 8s but never really took the crowns. Do not be fooled, just as you do not beat the very best in the world dose not mean you are not really good yourself. Anyway, he latter became a tester for Neatherrealm and has started to focus on content creation for the NRS community.

Anyway... the site is collection of combo guides, tutorials and tech dumps. From beginner to pro. I really like that it has beginner combos, it makes it a great place to send new players and stuff.

I'm not affiliated with this site in anyway, I just found the link and thought it was a cool site that not many people are talking about it seems.

Side Note : I found a really good MK11 App for Android. MK11 Guide. It has screen always on option, it is free, it has input settings (ps4, Xbox, Universal) and it has a krypt guide, as well as all the moves, strings and a lot of combos which are constantly getting updated at the mo and have youtube "demo" links in app you can use to see them in action. The only thing it is really missing is a way to enter and save your own combos.


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Wow, this is great for a novice like myself! Bookmarking for sure. Thanks for the heads up!

This will be like an online Prima Strategy Guide when fully completed.