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Kombat Afrika Online 3 vs 3 Regional Series

Presenting Kombat Africa! Where Africa’s finest MK11 competitors will be running a 3 vs 3 team exhibition match to see which is the top region in African MK11.

30 March 2020 the first team battle will take place with Team Zambia going up against Team East Africa as we see GEM | Mr 5000, Ai | Cortex as well as Ai | Killjoy from Zambia taking on FTG | Mr Stacks, Grant and RMP | Baraza from East Africa.

- Zambia is currently holding the crown of “strongest players in Africa” and they are at full force with their team but that doesn’t mean the rest of the continent aren’t at their necks ready to take that number 1 spot! With all our great local talent be sure to catch the crazy FGC Africa action live at:

The Kombat Africa regional series will involve other teams that will be from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Angola and more.

More informations as we update, just keep in touch with this thread.

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