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Kollector's Brutalities.

Making this primarily because I have an issue with one of his Brutalities. His back throw brutal doesnt seem to work. There is no prerequisite for it other then to end the game with back throw and to "press 1 and 2 rapidly." I have tried this in so many different ways, ie at the same time, 1 and then 2, 2 and then 1, mashed as fast as possible between the two, timed them slowly, timed them to line up with the individual hits of the grab and nothing, it does not activate. What's going on here anyone able to make it work.

To make this thread more worthy then just one question though, how many brutals are their? Which is your favorite? Discuss!
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How could you tell?
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it's wrong writen in the game .... instead of mashing 1 and 2, you should mash all buttons at the same time: 1+2+3+4 ..... this can make it work ..... I had too this issue, and had to seach on internet for a solution, and found out this tip, and worked ! :D


The throw one is easy.

The one i can't seem to get consistently is the b122. Does anyone know the trick to this? Seems to only hit about 25% of the time even when it finishes the round on that string.

I think but i'm not sure, the final hit on the string has to end the round
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