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Kollector seems free to crossup jumps.


There it is...
If someone isn't like minus enough to jail into the string

F2 whiffs
B2 (second hit whiffs)
13 (second hit whiffs)
F1 string whiffs.
2 whiffs.
D1 and d3 whiffs
B1 whiffs

I'm struggling. Without just mashing d2 it's reaaaally hard to actually get people to stop just jumping all over you.

Any advice?

(The whiffing I'm meaning is you cannot at all continue the string or it straight just misses)


What's about 1, 13?
Didn't test it so far but I think his 1 is OK to anti air cross ups.
Anyway, I love his 2, 1+3 for anti air.
his hitbox of this covers so much range and you also get the KB if you want
I feel your pain. I've been experimenting with b3. So far it feels pretty good but you definitely have to place it well. I've been getting freed up by scrub-pions that jump all day because they have teleport to cover their ass. B3 will hit jumps before teleport comes out but you gotta be fast. Also you can cancel it into mb bola for a full combo. It's very tricky to do but with some practice I'm getting it 60% of the time. The cancel itself is hard for me but the timing on bola is even weirder. It certainly discourages jumping in & will hit a jump back at the right range but for people jumping back I usually try and time the f3~mb bola for a full combo.


I'd probably B3 if someone is being really insistent about trying to jump out of their minus frames. It is a wicked anti-air in general and can be canceled into bolas or up mace depending on the ranges.
he is super free to crossups as his u2 dosent work like a conventional aa, d2 ur best option or trying to low profile with d3