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Kollector koins bugged

So I was wondering if anyone else has been having this problem since the patch...

Whenever I use a Kollector koin to summom him in the krypt, the only item he has to trade for is a shard of life. I've tried mulitple times on different days but everytime it's the same thing :/


Watch this set up.
Yeah same here even without the coin and at the in game time he appears he has this. It’s asking for a pit spike and I wouldn’t know where to find that
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Dig it, you must
I’m thinking we got a bug on our hands for sure, I’ve went to see what that smeagle lookin fucker has for the past 3 days and it’s nothing but that shard of life crap across the board.


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its pissing me off. i want one skin with kotal and before the patch i didnt know where to find it in the krypt, patch comes out and it now tells me you get it by trading withe kollector, go to him and all he offers is shards of life LOLOLOLOLOL I JUST WANT THIS DAMN KOTAL KOSTUME MOTHER FUCKER!!