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  1. miloPKL


    let me start by saying that i dont pretend to speak for everyone, just my interpretation of the ideas expressed.

    we seem to think of KL in one of two lights -

    *the so called footsy lao who uses spacing and positioning to his advantage, counter zoning, using quick reactions to counter the opponent
    *the so called spastic/crazy/random laos who overwhelm the opponent with a series of quick mixups including hi/lo attacks, aggressive spin and divekick use, tele mixups etc.

    i think its obvious by now that the best kung lao is a balance of styles depending on your opponent, match up, and the moment. kung lao has the ability to confuse the opponent with the right calculations and sometimes with a little luck. but when it comes to the standard idea of pressure, we find that with the exclusion of ENDK most of KL strings have no block advantage, and if the 12 / 21 / 24 is blocked, we have must make a decision to continue with a special, or cut our losses and prepare to defend or counterpoke.

    i want this thread to be about discussion on our options and tendencies when we choose to be aggressive. what do you like to do when you pressure?

    lets talk setups, mix ups, pressure, what to do at neutral close quarters, etc.
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  2. MK_Salivial

    MK_Salivial MK Mad Decent

    Teleport~Instant 3. All day.
  3. Faded Dreams V

    Faded Dreams V Retired June 2012. Unretired June 2013.

    I like to spin.
  4. xInfra Deadx

    xInfra Deadx The hospital's seen better days...

    Just dive kick a fool.
  5. xQUANTUMx

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    Is there any validity in doing the 21212 cancel into teleport or is that a cheap parlor trick
  6. xInfra Deadx

    xInfra Deadx The hospital's seen better days...

    It's a gimmick. Opponents can duck and uppercut you. :(
  7. xQUANTUMx

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    Ahhhh yes. I forgot about this.
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  8. xQUANTUMx

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    So what to do when the opponent is just sitting there waiting to uppercut you into oblivion? I mean ya there's F2....and I find myself getting uppercutted out of ex tele before I can whiff the grab and carry the armor which kinda blows (but my timing might be off, I'm still fairly new to Lao. Been taking him more seriously after deciding maybe I shouldn't drop him)

    And ya, I used to brain dead pressure with him but that shit doesn't work anymore except on noob randoms that challenge me online...I gotta step it up with him
  9. kronspik

    kronspik Noob

    Spam low hat to beat turtling
  10. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    i've been finding that late tele-3 on block into standing 3 works wonders :). and also 21212 into teleport is risky, ur better off going for the ex or simping ending at 21212.
  11. This is awful, no offense to people but people come in here with stupid jokes and they do that all the time in the lao forums. I wish some moderator would just warn people from doing this stupid stuff because there is 0 discussion going on in this discussion. and whenever I post something that is useful I get no feedback at all because all people do is make stupid jokes or ask the questions that were asked 10 times before already.

    Okay good question. the answer is uppercut is not safe on whiff, neutral duck the uppercut and you can whiff punish it with 21 spin for full combo.

    also your timing with the whiff grab must be off because they cant uppercut you out of it. but online that happens to me all the time as well.
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  12. 21212 is safe against a lot of characters so there is often no need to cancel into teleport at all. 2121 can be made safe by cancelling into ex teleport if they dont have x ray. 21212 is not supposed to be used as a chip string only because if they block your 21212 they get to at least chip you as well, which got you nowhere unless you have a significant life lead.

    the 2121 string is used to challenge the opponent who tries to poke you out of 21 into 21 pressure. by doing 21212 hitconfirm into spin is basically the same concept as cage's f3/f33nutpunch.
  13. Kl having strings that leave him at + would not help him at all. kung lao already has that 7 frame jab so he already is faster than the opponent 95% of the time. the problem is it doesnt hit mid, so they will always be able to poke you out of your pressure, unless youre at +20 as the 1 in 2(1) comes out at 23 frames. that is why the prepatch low hat on hit would grant him a free standing 2.

    the way to deal with it:

    spin to beat pokes.
    crossover to beat pokes, crossover jumpkickcombo , cross over punch, crossover teleport
    jumpkick dive kick over them for chip and then space it again.
    low hat/regular hat
    21/21212 hitconfirm spin...same concept as cage's f3. the biggest difference is lao can only catch you by finishing the string as 21 doesnt hit mid.
    d4 on hit into max range 24(always input command grab)
  14. JagoBlakeFGC

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  15. xQUANTUMx

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    Is the whiff right at the peak of the tele or during descent? Maybe I'm messing that up
  16. Lulzlou

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  17. right as he lands you whiff the grab, you will see a grab cancel motion.
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  18. xQUANTUMx

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    K so I've stopped being relatively brain dead with him. Opens up more options since ppl usually wait for a teleport...I find that the threat of teleport is akin to my threat of clone. It's a bit more of a mind fuck when it's not on the screen...I could be wrong though

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