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Kitana Combos in MK11

Ok guys, so my 1st video was taken down by WB, so I hope you don't mind if I post my video here in a separate thread for just combos. In the vid. I'm mainly showing 1st Variation combos, which I think is the superior variation. The Sai variation lacks the fan lift which makes the combo opportunities problematic in my humble opinion. Still I have couple of combos with the 2nd variation

I will post the notations soon when I have time :)
It seems a well considered and balanced release where immediate balance issues need to be fixed for lot of characters after few hours.
But at least we have few weeks to get used to the game fundamentals before taking it seriously. :)

And better later than never. I believe every minor or major balance change will help the game.
Probably after the release they can analyze it with more game numbers - better than in the lab.
I am currently working on a Shao Kahn video, will update with another video with the new BNB's
I sincerely apologize for misleading ppl with my first combo video.
After grinding the combos for hours upon hours Im pretty upset about the nerf.

However, combos from a ground fan follow up are still possible. You can stick in a 1,2,d3 for example. I will update asap
Sorry once again :(


The nerf hammer is thirsty for your main
Kitana is really clunky feeling now. The fans helped her flow so smoothly in fights, but now she just feels bland and weaker than the other fighters.


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Alright so, so far, the combos for her first variation look like this:

Main starters for various occasions:
  • b231 as your main hit-confirm
  • b14 as your main whiff punisher
  • 12 as your main quick punisher
  • df2 at the end of combos for a KB, a side switch, or meterless max damage.
  • bf3 when using meter at the end of a combo.
  • Fatal Blow if you've got it.
Main combos

(starter) xx Fan Lift, j2, f22222 - good wall carry, easy to do, meterless. Can do f234 as an ender for better oki.
(starter) xx Fan Lift, late j2, instant j2, b14 xx ender - harder to do but a bit more damage. Can replace the b14 xx ender with 12 xx ender for an easier time.

Corner combo

(starter) xx Fan Lift, jk, b14 xx Fan Throw, 12 xx ender - good damage, easy to do (delay the b14, you have a lot of time). Can do 32 xx ender if you want more damage but a higher chance of dropping it.

You can tack on j2 xx db2, j2 on top of any combo above to add a lot of oomph. It doesn't change your combo ability.


You have b34 written out but you're using b14 in the gifs.

I'm also absolutely trash at the ji2, ji2, b14. I can screw it up in so many ways but the real timing is such a pain in the ass for me.
oops, ill update. yeah it can be a bit tricky, online i use ji2,ji2 12 finisher instead

ill add some more to the list when i get round to it. it would be good to have a nice combo thread with notations and gifs rather than multiple long videos of the combos


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Hope these aren't duplicates, haven't really been looking at other people's Kitana combos but these are some of the best ones I could find.
These are probably the best ones. I haven’t seen anything better.


Best Kit vid I’ve seen so far

I will also join in not watching anyone else's videos and just tossing my own in here muhahahahaha finally got the day 1 patch all the fun kombos are gone

I will also join in not watching anyone else's videos and just tossing my own in here muhahahahaha finally got the day 1 patch all the fun kombos are gone
Yeah I didn't get to play before the day 1 but I've realized that any combo ideas I have I just have to think, "would this be a cool, unique, combo" and if so, it probably doesn't work.