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By C88 True Grave on Oct 8, 2017 at 2:25 PM
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    The time has come for the annual King of Klans. An all out war amongst the clans to see who is the best of them all. Last clan remaining is deemed King of Klans.




    • Must have 10 or more players in order to participate in King of Klans
    • All clan wars MUST have an outside host/referee separate than the 2 participating.
    • Clan wars must be scheduled in a timely manner. A deadline will be issued to all clans in which they must decide on a war date before said deadline against the present clan they're warring.
    • 10v10, 11v11 or 12v12 wars depending on amount of participants at time of war.
    • If all the members of one clan are present and only partial members of the opposing clan are present during the scheduled war then a handicap will be instilled.
    • All matches are First to 5 wins.
    • Stage select is always random
    • No characters banned
    • No stages banned
    • Winner must stay character locked
    • Loser has the option to change characters
    • All clan members must be on their respective clan tags or they will be unable to participate during the time of war. No excuses!
    • Every player will have 1 bye in case of connection issues.
    • If both players can't connect, both will be forced to use their one and only bye. You will move onto the next round and will be paired with a new opponent. If another connection issue occurs after having already used your bye then you will be eliminated.
    • If you connect to your match and decide that it is "too laggy" or unplayable then you MUST leave before the first health bar of either player is depleted. After that, you MUST report the issue to your clan leader so that they may report this to the host/referee.
    • If you continue to play your match past the first health bar, you will be locked into your match/set. You will then be forced to play regardless of the connection issue.

    *October 20th starts King Of Klans. As of that date ALL clans will have two weeks to set up a date & time by November 3rd for their respective clan/console or they will be DISQUALIFIED!*

    All clans must have a representative whom will speak with the host of King of Klans.

    @SlickBeast-101 @EMPEROR_OF_OUTWORLD
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Discussion in 'King of Clans Discussion' started by C88 True Grave, Oct 8, 2017.

    1. Kinetic Demise
      Kinetic Demise
      Sorry we are not gods who can fix their awful connection.
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    2. SlickBeast-101

      Bla bla bla bla..i don't need and i don't care your respect!! U never had mine!! And no ones care about what you think tbh!! there's a Rules for conecction and they were applyed with 2 Of my best members!! Stop cryn clown u know u wanted DQ my whole team!! Let's move up
      @C88 True Grave @Revy friday seen good so far!! I will back to u on twitter to confirm!!
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    3. SlickBeast-101
      Please add MYZTERY_-KOMODO to My ps4 team for next war!! Thnx @C88 True Grave
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    4. C88 True Grave
      C88 True Grave
      I had an epiphany about connection issues and people using them to their advantage. Since both XB1/PS4 have the ability to record matches that if someone leaves due to "connection" issues that both players have to record the video to prove that lag was actually a factor. The ref would then review both videos and make a judgement call. In addition to that the video there will also have a display for the ping amount (if turned on) which will also prove if in fact that match was "too laggy". Lastly screenshots should also be done if they can't even get into a match with their opponent since it'll display a message saying they can't connect.

      Is this an agreeable rule after the events that transpired during the Myztery vs Kinetic war on Xbox?
      @EMPEROR_OF_OUTWORLD @SlickBeast-101 @Kinetic Demise @STB Shujinkydink @South @Deoxys243 @KHAOTIC_UNCLE-_-CREEPY @LEGACY
    5. South
      I can agree with this being added as a rule
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    6. TheRealOnlyGoonie
    7. South

      Wars are already long enough as is, especially with everyone wanting to schedule them at 10pm or after. People have work and lives outside the game. I disagree with this due to that. Also, the current rule set isn't broken and something we've used for years now.
    9. TheRealOnlyGoonie
    10. C88 True Grave
      C88 True Grave
      Wars only take an hour and I understand that people have lives. What's an extra 5 minutes to make sure that people aren't abusing that rule. I could simply be paired up with someone I don't want to fight, lie about it being laggy and then force them and myself to take a bye. Then next round when my original opponent does fight a laggy person that now since I've managed to waste their bye that they get DQ'd. This is a counter-measure for prevent foul play. If you don't understand that and where I'm coming from then there's some ulterior motive for not wanting such a rule. Also never said it was broken. Just my suggestion is more refined to prevent scummy tactics.
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      I understand this. Forcing PING monitor to be on and having to show screenshots rather than full on videos seems like a quicker process. I'd be down for this rather than having to take video, upload it, share it, review it and rule it. Screenshots can be done all through the psn/Xbox operating systems.
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    12. C88 True Grave
      C88 True Grave
      That works. Just wanted a way that would make sure evidence has been provided of such lag.
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    13. AkTiVe
      Damn @Kinetic Demise tf happened to kinetic on the xbox side?? Add me to the xbox roster. I got one again.
    14. SlickBeast-101
      MC (4) vs C88 (6)

      ROUND 1:
      SLICK vs MOSTAR (Bye)
      WhoYouWit vs Goonie 0-5
      BOT vs Azrael 5-1
      VEX vs Salvation 5-1

      ROUND 2:
      SLICK vs True Grave 5-3
      BOT vs GOONIE 5-4
      VEX vs MOSTAR 1-5

      ROUND 3:
      BOT vs MONSTAR 5-1
      SLICK vs Revy 5-0

      C88 Revy replaced C88 TristonGM and C88 Scrubby couldn't connect With any opponent assigned,so he got DQ after 2 byes!!
      Vggs C88. Thanks Ref. @Kinetic Demise

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    15. TheRealOnlyGoonie
    16. Revy
      Some of our heavy hitters couldn't make it like Orphan, Chillin, Taco, Matty & Retro Spawn because it was too short of notice or were working late. I had to play when I dropped the game due to a character crisis. We'll play the winner of Kinetic vs Luminary then hopefully we'll be able to give the winner of that war that is closer to our standards.
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    17. SlickBeast-101

      Yup you guys did!! :)
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    18. South
      Tfw hoonie is c88 & you didn't know.
      When is the deadline for the current round?
    20. SlickBeast-101
      Waiting for opponent on ps4......(Semi finals)
      Waiting for opponent on xbox one....(winner finals)
    21. SlickBeast-101
    22. Skeezer12
    23. SlickBeast-101

    24. SlickBeast-101
      @C88 True Grave Please add MYZTERY MC_Tigerzz to my ps4 team (for next wars)
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    25. SlickBeast-101

      they dead on xbox Lmao!! And they'll be dead on ps4 soon!! R.I.P Kinetic

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