Killer Instinct - Ryan Markley Releases High Res Orchid Renders

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    For those who don't know, Ryan Markley is a 3D artist who last year made a 3D demo reel that contained a lot of miscellaneous characters, including Killer Instinct's Orchid in a very high resolution manner. Since seeing this demo reel and seeing Orchid "reborn" in a sense from 1996, it has giving somewhat of a face-lift to the Killer Instinct demand... meaning, if you tease something that people really want, they're going to make some noise. What that said ryanmarkley3D has sent us a few high resolution renders of his *FAN-MADE* 3D Orchid art. Check it out... will he make more? tymorchid1.jpg
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  2. miloPKL


    the character model is certainly cool, the costume is not so great. good job though lets see some
    more chaacters!
  3. If she's not wearing dat green latex, it's not Orchid. :(
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  4. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Amazing work, but i dunno about this as Orchid. Totally DOA style imo
  5. gamemk

    gamemk Noob

    needs nipples.
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  6. DanCock

    DanCock Cock Master!!
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    it's closer to the ki2 orchid look I feel.

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  7. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    yea i agree but i didnt like KI2 Orchid anyways lol :p
  8. DanCock

    DanCock Cock Master!!
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    hell yea fuck ki2 orchid. Im glad we're on the same page. Sabrewulf and orchid were my mains from ki and I hated ow those 2 were changed the most. :(

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  9. Via_Negativa

    Via_Negativa Darkforge

    Lot's cool except for the first screen, looks a bit trannyish...
  10. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    I like the hair and the face expression on the 3rd. Soo sexy...
  11. lazybird123

    lazybird123 Purple Belt in BJJ, White Belt in MK

    Looks great, but the costume is way off
  12. I like the hair but the costume needs to change. Great Render though.
  13. GNG Iniquity

    GNG Iniquity #bufftaquito #punchwalk #whiffycage

    Dayum! I thought Kitana looked like a dude. Orchid looks like a full blown tranny hangin out with his wang out on Santa Monica Blvd. :eek:

    (not trying to diss the artist, I don't have that talent. but yeah, she/he looks like a dude.)
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  14. Eternal

    Eternal Noob

    Yeah not trying to be a rude but it looks like a man/ cross dresser... Very ugly face...

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