Killer Instinct II Guide Part I by AcidGlow - Introducing you to the combo system

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    As many of you should be aware of by now the amazing news regarding the late Killer Instinct franchise... with it being owned by Microsoft they have recently 'renewed the game's trademark' with questionable potential. With this shedding some light on the franchise YouTube user AcidGlow has very recently put up a Killer Instinct II tutorial on how the combo system works. This is a very noob-friendly video so if you ever had an interest in this game, but have been intimidated by it... check this video out as you're guaranteed to learn.

    This is a part I of the video series AcidGlow is looking to publish. In this part, you'll learn about how the combo system works with terminology: jump-in combos, auto-doublers, linkers, manual hits and more.

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    Source: AcidGlow
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Discussion in 'Killer Instinct' started by STORMS, Oct 30, 2012.

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