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Killer Instinct 2013 community feedback heard loud, team working w/ Microsoft to deliver


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After probably the most anticipated fighting game announcement of our time, Killer Instinct announced and seen by the masses. Now, comes the ocean of feedback from fans waiting almost 20 years to get their hands back on this thrilling title. From "it looks too much like Street Fighter", to "we want more blood" and the list goes on. Double Helix Games has compiled a list of the most asked for feedback for Killer Instinct since the 2013 reveal and have made a chart showing what has the highest demand.

The Friday after E3 was business as usual for the KI team. Everyone was back in the studio, heads down and up to our eyeballs continuing to forge ahead on Killer Instinct–with one exception: we were already starting to get mountains of feedback from the community rallying around the game.

We’ve been a little quiet on the forums (that will change in short order), but wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate your feedback and excitement. In addition to Rich’s polls and upcoming weekly dev chats, here’s a snapshot of what we’re hearing so far.

Click on the chart below for a bigger (hopefully more readable) view. It shows the community feedback we’ve heard most often, with a bar indicating the relative number of requests we’ve had. We’re having tons of discussions with Microsoft about all this stuff, and will do our best to deliver the features you want most!


Source: DoubleHelixGames.com
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I want my damn saberwulf bats O_O where do I send feedback to?

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I want my damn saberwulf bats O_O where do I send feedback to?

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If you get sabrewulf bats i want slow overheads no throws and tj combos d5 and spinals d/standing 1. I also want spinal to be able to steal your bats like debo taking your bike.


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Listing this stuff is a pretty ballsy move but sort of safe at the same time.

It's ballsy because it means that if they end up ignoring some of this stuff it'll be all 'wah they don't listen'.
But it's safe because all the stuff at the lower end of the list they can simply say that there wasn't enough demand for it.

I look forward to the release of this game and being able to come back to this list.


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So, I remember the crew at Double Helix mentioning some new news and info was to be released prior to EVO. Anyone heard anything?
I just hope there's an option to mute the announcer at some point. I really don't want to hear the scream of "ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" when I play. Everything else he says is fine, I guess.