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***Disclaimer; These MU numbers are only a starting point and will evolve through discussion and experience***

Aquaman - [6-4]
  • Ground trident is punished by Iceberg (into vortex at close range)
  • Vortex is still viable by delaying the 50-50 to hit when MB grab's capture state has ended
    • Wait until freeze state has ended and use F3 or Slide for the 50-50 options
    • Using other strings that do not launch in one hit risk being blocked by trait.
    • Instead of standing idly, KF can charge trait for a bit before going into the 50-50 if desired
  • Daggers are an effective way to keep Aquaman at a distance
  • Meterless vortex is very strong in this MU and generally favors KF. Baited wake-ups can be punished hard on a read.
  • Post-slide guessing game on block favors Aquaman. B1 hits low and it's long range catches back dashes when it is slightly delayed
  • Iceberg can be punished on block by ground trident
Ares - [6-4]
Bane - [5-5]
  • Killer Frost's mobility is an asset in this MU
  • Massive punishes during trait cooldown
  • 2-hitting projectile is excellent for ground control in most situations
  • Bane's character design and trait management gives the KF several easy meter building situations
  • MB F3 is a strong neutral game offensive option
  • Sliding against Bane with trait is very risky
  • After KF is knocked down, wake-up is a complete guessing game
    • Jump punishes Body Press, gets punished by normals/Double Punch
    • Parry beats Double Punch, gets punished by Body Press, lows, and meaty B2
    • Slide beats Meaty B2, gets punished by Body Press and Double Punch

Batman - [5-5]
  • Meterless vortex is GODLIKE after a knockdown due to Batman's extremely un-safe wake-up attacks
  • Push block during pressure with trait to remove bats
  • MB F3 is an excellent anti-air option in this MU
  • Trait bats are able to punish KF's slide on block
  • Parry will beat F3 during vortex and meterless vortex
  • Batarangs hit mid and can not be slid under
  • B1 must be respected after a blocked slide
  • D2 can often trade with Batman's J2

Black Adam - [5-5]
  • Lightning (regular and MB) can be jumped on reaction and punished with MB iceberg into vortex
  • Dive kick on block when properly spaced leads to a free 50-50 for KF; Punishable when not spaced correctly
  • Iceberg punishes black magic on block
  • BA's limited amount of low attacks makes many of his good up close options parryable
  • Excellent air mobility and runaway game is an issue due to Frost's lack of air control
  • Black magic's aerial hitbox can catch jumps
  • Low hitting projectile; MB version multi-hitting can stuff slide on wake-up
  • Advantage of some strings limits post-blocking options for KF
  • Blockstring cancelled into trait and throw is not parryable

Catwoman - [6-4]
  • MB F3 is an excellent anti-air option against Catwoman's J2
  • KF's excellent ground control is effective at keeping CW out without meter
  • Catwoman's MB Cat Dash now has two hits of armor and can beat KF's dagger projectile

Cyborg - [4-6]
  • Jump 1 for KF raises her hitbox making it easier to avoid instant air NB.
  • Perfect execution of instant air NB (and MB) can make Cyborg's zoning extremely effective against Frost

Deathstroke - [5-5]
  • Low gunshots are punishable with iceberg
  • D2 is a good tool against Deathstroke's J3
  • Slide goes under F3, and quick shot
  • Parry is a good option to combat F3 shenanigans
  • Baiting out quick shot with trait charge can lead to iceberg punishes
  • Low D1 makes D1~Sword Spin a safe post slide option
  • Low gunshots hurt KF's ability to chuck daggers
  • Jump B3 for Deathstroke is very effective at handling slides at mid-range
  • Can punish iceberg on block with quick shot

Doomsday - [7-3]
  • Parry severely limits Doomsday's options in this MU (High's/Overheads/Venom (regular and MB) and leads to full combos into vortex
  • MB ground stomp can be punished with slide into slide or forward dash into slide

Flash - [5-5]
  • D2 is an excellent keep out tool against jump ins
  • Daggers are very good in this MU and can be used to maintain space control
  • Both of Flash's charge moves are full combo punishable
  • Flash can not 50-50 you unless he is next to you. Block high and do not let him get to his spot.
  • With the latest patch, Flash's D2 is now full combo punishable
  • Back dashes at improper spacing can be punished with both of Flash's charge moves
  • D1 is a low and an excellent post-blocked slide option

Green Arrow - [6-4]

Green Lantern - [5-5]
  • Can interrupt B12 and B13 with parry to stifle GL's pressure
  • Meterless vortex is excellent on knockdown
  • Air dash allows for excellent mobility in this match to control space
  • Air rocket can not hit KF full screen
  • Air rocket projectile is an effective way to maintain air-control/zoning when done properly
  • Free b1 check after slide on block
  • @G4S KT Smith can lift slide on reaction at any time in a match
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Harley Quinn - [5-5]
  • Able to punish cartwheel (must stand block) with 111
  • Able to slide Harley's straight gunshots
  • Air gunshots are an effective zoning tool and way to control the air against KF

Hawkgirl - [5-5]
  • KF is not threatened at full screen
  • J1 D2 are excellent tools to punish Hawkgirl's trait
  • Due to vortex situations/hard punishes, KF's margin for error in this MU is far greater than HG's
  • Airborn character; KF's strong ground control tools are less of a factor in this MU
  • HG wake-up game is safe on block

Joker - [6-4]
  • Can slide gunshots
  • D2 is an effective anti-air for normal jump-ins
  • Can parry high and low options of meterless vortex with trait
Killer Frost- [N/A]
Both characters possess ice thrones. 5-5.

Lex Luthor - [6-4]
  • 2-hitting projectile makes zoning game effective

Nightwing - [6-4]
  • Up-close offense/pressure by Nightwing (staff stance) is stifled by parry
  • Post slide options:
    • Staff: b1 catches back dash, but can be parried or ducked since it hits high. 0 on block.
    • Escrima: b2 catches back dash, but can be parried. It hits overhead so it can not be ducked.
  • After a blocked d1 in staff, parry beats everything besides sweep, flying grayson and d1~MB groundblast. d2 canceled into any special move cannot be parried.
  • NW punishes iceberg with ground blast when in staff stance (NW is also at +9 if ground blast is blocked)
  • NW's air projectile is a very effective mid-range zoning tool

Raven- [6-4]
  • Soul Crush is punishable on block by iceberg
    • A blocked iceberg at max soul crush range will cause a follow-up soul crush to whiff (punish with iceberg MB slide)
  • Daggers can be spammed at full screen
  • When Raven is in trait, she cannot spam pillars. KF's iceberg will stuff pillars and catch any ground teleport startups
  • Large parry gap in Raven's 223 string
Shazam - [6-4]

Sinestro - [6-4]
  • KF outzones Sinestro due to her 2-hitting quicker recovering projectile
  • Can slide under fear blast (and MB version from mid-range) for a punish
  • Can punish fear blast on block from mid-range with iceberg
  • Can punish boulder/shackles on block from anywhere on screen
  • Due to slide, it is dangerous to approach KF with footsie tools which forces jumps. This makes D2 a very effective tool in the MU.
  • Clashing will remove Sinestro's trait, so it is best to save it for that purpose if possible
  • Everything goes out the window when Sinestro get's trait; it severely limits your options
  • Sinestro's vortex is extremely good as well although a lot of it can be anticipated and blocked properly
  • Sinestro's air axe gives him excellent air avoidance on some of KF's moves and can throw off timing some moves

Solomon Grundy - [5-5]
  • b23, b2 make walking corpse whiff
  • MB F3 punishes walking corpse during grab animation

Superman - [5-5]
  • Threat of parry affects Superman's block pressure. Low's will be mixed in more frequently which are punishable.
  • Air-backdash is an effective tool to avoid air lasers from 3/4 screen.

Wonder Woman - [5-5]
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Lobo - [6-4]

Batgirl - [5-5]
  • Can parry Batgirl's cartwheel, which is a great option to stop them from doing it on wakeup
  • Can parry Batgirl's d1 now after ver 1.06 update; This makes the post-blocked slide guessing game much much better
  • Can not slide under bola
  • Can not spam daggers due to BG's teleport
  • Corner game favors Batgirl

Scorpion - [6-4]
  • Can punish MB Teleport with 111

Zod - [5-5]
  • Having 1-hit launchers up close help with having a way to circumvent some trait pressure
  • Zod's push move is very effective against KF after a blocked slide: Options are block it or try to punish it with a pre-emptive 111 or d1. You can also try to mash d1 to try and start pressure or create space with a backdash.
  • Can parry F3 on read with parry

Martian Manhunter - [4-6]
  • Punish overhead teleport: Walk forward to block cross up, D1 1~slide U3 22 grab MB into vortex
  • Delayed MB B3 can also be used to punish overhead teleport on reaction
  • Can parry 11-2 and 22-b3 strings where the "-" is listed
  • Wake-up push can be punished by jumping back and air-dashing forward into J3 after the move's hitbox has expired

Zatanna - [6-4]
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Konqrr xKhaoTik RunwayMafia ApocaLips Rickyraws

Guys, when you have some free time let's take the opportunity to scan some of these existing MU threads for bits and pieces of information we can put in for each character. We should try to keep things pretty clean cut and translate items of use into more generalized statements so each spoiler section doesn't get totally bogged down with too much detail (at least to start).
Good stuff Ribbz, this is a much better format. If I get a spare minute sometime this weekend I'll try to help out by summarizing some of the discussions we've had in other threads.


I'll be back 3ing
I will say Killer Frost probably beats GL 6-4 however her 7-3ing Shazam and 5-5ing Black Adam and Wonder Woman is highly inaccurate

Law Hero

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Hard to really disagree with any of these numbers.

Personally, I think a lot of her matchup numbers are kind of hazy, as in they can very by .5-1.0, simply due to which stage is chosen and how well your opponent can guess right on the 50/50s. But yeah, in my humble opinion, I think it's a fairly accurate chart. Excellent work.
I'll start with a few bullet point details that I can remember offhand:

* Neither character can zone - seismo punishes iceberg and vice versa
* Meterless vortex possibly stronger than metered vortex in this MU due to trait
* Post-slide guessing game - his b12~ex trident burns your meter or does enormous chip, but I think you can backdash it if he does it too quickly. If he delays 3 frames or more to catch backdash, d1 will stuff it.

* Don't slide
* Wakeup is a game of rock paper scissors - jump beats command grab, parry beats double punch, slide beats meaty b2. Slide loses to command grab and double punch, parry loses to command grab and meaty b2, and jump loses to meaty b2 and double punch.
* Armor f3 beats a lot of Bane's neutral game options.

Black Adam
* Jump lightning/ex lightning on reaction and punish with MB iceberg, slide, to vortex
* Black magic punishable on block
* Properly spaced divekicks aren't punishable but let you pressure better than before
* Almost all of his good close options are parryable. The only thing that isn't is block string~trait --> throw

* Low guns are punishable - hit the lab and learn the punish because it severely limits his zoning
* D2 is good vs. spammy j3s
* Post slide he can d1~spin for breathing room. Pushes KF out of pressure range but he's -6. We get no mixup though.

* Parry all the things

* Know d12's range. He can't threaten a high/low into full combo except at point black.
* Don't jump straight at him. His air-to-airs are great.
* Try to read a bad f2 or b2 and parry. Flashes still love to use that move outside of d1 range where it's obvious.
* AA every jump in attempt. Don't let him get away with it.
* Watch for dashes into point-blank range. Stuff his pressure attempts. Don't let him get into his most dangerous spot for free.
* Careful will backdashes within charge range. Remember that both charges are full combo punishable into vortex.

* Flip coins all day

* Blind spot at full screen where you can chuck daggers
* Soul crush is fully punishable by iceberg MB into slide into vortex
* Her trait pillar pressure doesn't work on us. Iceberg stuffs spammed pillars and catches the startup of ground teleports.
* That 3-hit ground string that usually gives her pressure has an enormous gap for easy parrying

Wonder Woman
* 0-10 match up. Her sweep is a block infinite on KF.


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