KI - team working with MS regarding "tournament concerns", new character reveal at EVO 2013

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    With Killer Instinct just being revealed yesterday at E3 there's been a ton of discussion surrounding it as well as a huge flow of information. One of the biggest concerns with Killer Instinct was the fact that it will be a digital game exclusive to the Xbox One. With this being said, players were concerned with the system having to be connected to the internet. Patrick Gilmore of the Killer Instinct team reached out to the community to address this concern stating that they are working with Microsoft "about just that". While no specifics were given... they make it clear that they have every intention of making Killer Instinct a tournament fighter.

    In addition to this news, moments ago on the MadCatz/E3 stream the KI team also mentioned that not only with Glacius fully-playable at EVO 2013, but they will also be revealing a new character. Who do you think it will be? Spinal? Fulgore? Someone else..?


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Discussion in 'Killer Instinct' started by STORMS, Jun 11, 2013.

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