Kevin Tancharoen Asks You, "Which Goro?"

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    Most of us may have forgotten about the actual production of the new Mortal Kombat movie that is set to come out next year since its been kinda quiet lately. However, Kevin Tancharoen asked recently on twitter, your opinion on which Goro? You have the options of full CG like Hulk or make-up and prosthetics like Hellboy? Does this mean that Goro is a likely candidate for the new Mortal Kombat or what Kevin just feeling "curious"? Regardless, which would you prefer?
  2. RapZiLLa54

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    Makeup and prosthetic with CGI enhancements. If you go full CGI, keep the actors eyes, it goes a long way.
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  3. GOL Eklectic

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    full CG keep actors eyes gets my vote
  4. SwiftTomHanks

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    Hellboy style.
  5. PND_Mustard

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    a new goro done in the style of the first movie would be sick
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  6. Prinz

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    Prosthetic + CGI would be the best outcome in my opinion.
  7. Z-911-Z

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    Full CG is fine as long as it fits in with the rest of the movie well. That's always been my major beef with CGI in that a lot of times it didn't fit well with the stuff that's actually there.
  8. NariTuba

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  9. For goro something like hellboy would be good but plz this time hire some hot girls to play kitana and mileena not these in the mini serie I stopped looking at it when i saw those models... terrible hire the girls that whent to the tournament when the game came out sexy kitana and mileena models :):)
  10. quandaghost

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    CG like the hulk Goro is bigger and stronger than i am meant to believe so i would rather see him in that light i wanna see a massive threatening hulking figure of dismemberment and terror not some guy in a prosthetic suit
  11. Konqrr

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    Whatever is done, it MUST be done in a more serious tone. The Goro in the fist movie was way too skinny and his voice sucked donkey balls. Also, Goro is a fucking prince. He is a noble and should act more serious and prideful. The voice has to match this.

    I like the hellboy approach, but drop the comedy.
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  12. deathgun

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    CG, the make-up one will be horrible when moving/fighting
  13. MKF30

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    Use both :) depending on the shot/scene. From far shot, definitely CGI and some fighting sequences. Up close, should be similar to first movie but even puppet work now is so much better then 20 years ago.
  14. 1man3letters

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    make-up and prosthetics , less cgi in the film the better

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