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Keri Hoskins, Former MK3 Sonya Blade Taking the Mo-Cap Role of Maya in Killer Instinct


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In an interesting turn in events, Keri Hoskins, the performer Mortal Kombat 3 actress who portrayed Sonya Blade been lately been working on Killer Instinct. Design Director for Killer Instinct, DJames Goddard, recently tweeted an image of himself standing alongside Keri teasing about how "CRAZY!" Maya's Ultra combo is.

Maya is part of the Season 2 roster for Killer Instinct so far alongside T.J. Combo.



Source: @DJamesGoddard via FDMK



What's the point of a random Krypt?
Am I the only one who thinks it would have been cool to have the old actors do the mocap or voice acting for their respective characters in MK9? I think at least they should have their faces modelled after them, like Sonya's face has been literally different in every game.


<3 me some Keri! She was on @jamessmk 's obs show and since then realized how amazing she is as a person and it doesnt hurt that she's still so sexy for her age.. Its crazy