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Kenshi is overpowered


Silver tier. Just regular Kenshi. OP as ****. Yes.

Why? Well at first he really isn' too bad. If you don't fuse him, if you don't look at his abilities, and you don't think for just two seconds, instead of obsessing over gold characters, he is indeed not op.

Let us break him down. Kenshi has +40% health if teamed with a spec ops and +40% attack if teamed with a martial artist. That is pretty good already. It also just happens that Ninjutsu Scorpion is a martial artist and has +30% attack for all other martial artists. Team these two up and Kenshi gets a +70% attack boost. While on the subject of teams... Quan Chi resurrects a player to 25% health on death. Put him with Kenshi and Scorpion, and Kenshi just becomes ridiculous.

Let us go further into Kenshi. An item exists that gives a 15% chance of a hit being unblockable. So let him have that. His regular one bar special has power drain, so if you just keep hitting people with it all they'll be able to do is regular attack you. Speaking of being hit by regular attacks... right. That doesn't happen with Kenshi. All of his attacks push the opponent back. If they just keep blocking, you just keep attacking, they'll almost never hit you. The window the hit back is super small. Nobody ever accomplishes it unless they know just when to attack. As long as you keep power draining them, they will never do any substantial damage.

Let us also not forget that Kenshi's card is only 75,000 coins. Fusing him is easy, and becomes ridiculous quickly. At III he has like 8k attack and 12k health. Teamed up like I explained... he is dealing like 3k damage on hit and more than 1k on block. His 1 bar special hits like 9k if +90-100%. Absolutely crazy.


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well okay then, not going to lie, did not expect to hear anything about the mobile game ever again, hell i forgot it existed, but props to you for still playing it, i personally got bored after about 30 minutes and never played it again


Haha yes people play. I play when I am bored at work. Its mostly just people playijg when they're bored and cant play regular mkx or some other good game :p