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Discussion in 'Kabal' started by Skitzo, May 11, 2012.

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    The MK community isn't that small. Smaller than Capcom? Who isn't? But to say they are that small that not seeing many players use the obviously best character in the game is to be expected?

    *Raiden voice* I don't think so.
  2. Noserfatu

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    If we put it in writing that he's in a tier of his own, people will pick him up a lot more than they have in the past. You'll see.
  3. If we put Kabal as the best, people will pick him up and they will all be scrubby. The MU numbers apply only if you have complete mastery over kabal's tools.
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    kabal is gay
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    I still can't belive he calls Kitana "shitty" in the video. I guess cause he was thinking of how 16 bit was complaining in the chat?
  6. GNG Iniquity

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    My point is that, while Kabal is indeed a good character, he requires a huge commitment to become skilled with. Even then, he is by no means ridiculously overpowered. Here's an example of characters that've been banned, for obvious reasons, and are indeed TOO GOOD.

    3rd Strike - Gill:

    SC4 Hilde:

    There's plenty of other characters in various FGs who've been ridiculously overpowered and deserve their tournament bans. Kabal is not one of them.
  7. SunnyD

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    16bit: "my answer to Kabal's zoning is to dash duck block in until he chooses to begins playing MK9"


    also, GNG Iniquity, you need to find a better example for your Hilde video cause she lost both games. lol
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  8. kronspik

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    Gill is a boss character that isn't part of the main roster. That's not a good example at all.
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  9. GNG Iniquity

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    Hey, it's not my fault that guy sucks! lol. I skimmed it though to be perfectly honest. Oh well, you get the idea, but yes...that player does indeed suck.
    You CAN unlock him, but yes. Regardless he's still banned.
  10. Noserfatu

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    This is my exact point with Kabal. Player skill is independent of how good a character is. Kabal is inherently too good. Just because some people suck with Kabal doesn't mean the character isn't too good.
  11. A F0xy Grampa

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    I've never actually seen any proof of this...

    IAGBs shut down so much of the casts options, when a character like KL or Raiden cant move safely, it must be a rediculous move
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    I can never really tell which is worst; fighting a heavy zoning Kabal with IAGB on the screen non-stop along with Groundsaws or dealing with Kabal's NDC rushdown up close? Kabal ALWAYS has Breaker available to him because he builds meter from spamming and his NDC blockstrings pressure, he can Ex Nomad Dash out of pressure and gets a free combo from it in return. Yeah, if you have a character like Mileena she can stop Kabal from spamming away but going head to head with Kabal up close is just as overwhelming, Kabal having armor on his Ex Nomad Dash free combo, his F3 and F4 stuffs her D3/D4, mediocre pressure, his normals are faster than hers and she has no armor to get out easy like he does.

    I remember last year when everyone was complaining Kung Lao was overpowered BECAUSE he was too good at rush down mainly that Spin and he can zone with that ridiculous Low Hat projectile 2,4,Low Hat abuse he can't have both rushdown and zoning. Now Kung Lao is nerfed to be a risky character to make a move with, evolved into an anti-zoner like Mileena.

    The normalize dash nerf from patch 1.04 to 1.05 dash duck block is what made Kabal too strong at zoning and the nerf indirectly made zoners like Kitana, Noob Saibot, Kenshi stronger. The ability not being able to dash forward or backward then duck a projectile immediately even though you pressed block hurts characters that can be zoned out easily. That was such a stupid nerf, who the hell came up with that idea? TYM community or NRS? It's crazy.
  13. Seriously. Kabal is pretty dumb, Reo will tell anyone he is, but there's others. Kenshi, Jax, Sonya (in some mu's).

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  14. And don't forget cage.

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  15. SaJa

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    This is just stupid the argument REO is using... "If you think the character is broken why don't you just pick him up ?". LOOL, maybe because we don't like to play top tier ? Maybe because we just don't like his design or his play style ? Maybe because 60% of people play him ? Maybe because Kabal is THE bitch ? Oo

    I'm not complaining about kabal, but REO, why did you not pick KL right after EVO ? I thought you were kind of complaining about him ;)

    Your main argument is quite shitty I must say x) hey yow, I'm not complaining about kabal, so I guess I'm not a bitch yow !
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    60% of people play Kabal? LOL :D:D
  17. SaJa

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    Ok maybe more, my bad T_T (in europ kabal is the fucking bandwagon right now I would say)
  18. Skitzo

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    Sounds more accurate. :REO
  19. sub_on_dubs

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    Kabal is broken. Let's just call it like it is.
  20. I would agree IF using Kabal the way Reo and some others do wasn't as hard as it is.

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  21. A F0xy Grampa

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    You dont need to know shit with Kabal to be good with him, NDCs are gimmicky to an extent since he has safe 5050s and can make his armoured dash safe by cancelling it into a launching string.

    Anybody can lose to constant fireballs and random safe 5050s
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