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Kano's uppercut sucks.

Just thought I'd let you all know.

His jumpkick rules, his sweep rules, but his uppercut sucks a big fat one.
kanos arms are so short i bet he couldnt even give himself a handjob. its all about the kicks with that bald dwarf. -_-
I remember performing a uppercut from the closest range, and it totally went through the opponent, meaning he missed the uppercut with the opponent standing right in front of him. I don't know if it ever happened to you guys, and to stress it, i couldn't remember whether this happened with MK3 Kano or MK1 Kano, I definitely was playing MKT at the time, that's for sure.
black album said:
DARXYD3 why do you always create a room and are never thier? I've come into your game 4 times and yoru not even thier. :roll:
I dunno man, maybe I had to step away from the TV for a while?