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Kano help.

I was messing around with Kano and I was just doing cannon balls and some how I did 3 lk charge cannon balls in a row across the screen did it just glitch? or what cus I was charging right after I let go, but like I'm pretty sure it just glitched but I was wondering if this could be repeated
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What the fuck is instant recharge? Sounds fun
Re-charging a move as soon as you release the button to execute a move the first time.

Charge LK for cannonball.

Release LK to execute cannonball.

Start charging again as soon as you released LK to execute the first cannonball.

Works for all charge moves.


Basically how I do recharging on a stick, for example with Jax, I'd charge LK with my ring finger, drop my middle finger and release the ring finger just before I overlap the charge with the middle finger, and then swap to go back.
cool. so would you be able to do Jax's ground pound in a chain sequence like 1 right after the other if you "instant recharged" properly? That is something i thought only Mileena could do. Also correct me if i'm wrong but isn't Liu's charge a little longer than Kano's Jax's and Mileena's?
I have my thumb halfway on lk and half on the lp and roll my thumb at the last moment on the deep jk that way the manhandle comes out almost immediately after the kick. ive gotten fairly consistent with it doing it like that. another bonus is that even if i do wiff the jk the manhandle usually still connects and i am still charging the cannon so its not a total loss