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kabal's pop up

when done by themselves HP,HP,d+HP is 13% and HK,LK,HP,HP,d+HP is 15%. I was just wondering if there are other scenarios where throwing in the kicks would deal more than 2% damage.
My skill are breaking down, I went from being able to do the jump punch starter, 5 hit pop up, jk, fireball about 80% of the time to basically never. I'm just going to leave out the two kicks if they always do 2 percent.
I played four matches last night with a guy who was ranked in the top hundred and we were both Kabal and we'd have a decent battle, but then I would choke and keep getting like 15% instead of the 39% that he was pushing out


They took 10% off his sword combo because they thought it would help balance him a bit but it didn't. He became stronger as a few others got weaker in UMK3. If you are facing the corner while they are spinning and you see they have about 30% life left, don't do the pop up, do a straight up JK with the 4 hit kick combo and that will do it.
ilovepoop said:
that 2% is always gonna help no matter how many times you choke learn it if your gonna play kabal
I think that's probably only true to an extent. For example, if Shock was using Kabal and for one reason or another decided to do the 3 hit pop up instead of the 5, he wouldn't start losing to noobs or anything.


the 3 hit has two good properties:

the recovery time of the popup is lower, so you can get them higher (good for the corner juggle)

and the distrance traveled forward is much lower, so if you have them close to the corner you wont get the corner ice-skate if you do the 3-hit


MK11 Kabal = MK9 Kitana
Yeah, after a spin, if I notice that I'm closer to the corner than I need to be for the 5-hit and corner combo, then I'll opt for the 3-hit because it doesn't push them as far and I won't ice skate.


The only difference is the pushing back factor, recovery time is identical. If you spin into the corner, push them out and jump so you can get the full 5 hit, you can do anything off the 5 hit you can do off the 3 hit except aaHPaaHP after pop up midscreen which would be negated by the 5 hit pop up.