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Kabal or Reptile

I don't like using Reptile because he doesn't fit my style of play very well, and I don't like fighting Reptile because everybody uses him the same way, which makes him very easy to beat.
Reptile is funner to play as, but Kabal is so much eaiser to win with. I guess it depends on who you're playing. I usually never like to pick Kabal unless it's a last resort.
I don't like using Reptile because he doesn't fit my style of play very well, and I don't like fighting Reptile because everybody uses him the same way, which makes him very easy to beat.
haha I feel the opposite the only thing that I really don't like about reptile anymore is that he is a male ninja...boring

Though I do love how the new thing for everyone to do is combo people out of run-jabs (on 360 anyways) this is very cool with reptile

Oh and I don't need to really say anything about Kabal other than he is my 2nd favorite character in the game next to sexy Sonya because I love sweeps

No, seriously. Reptile.

I always counter-pick kabals with reptile...

And only a select few can constantly beat my reptile. Yea, the_end may be right, everyone plays him the same, but it's not true man, he has so many options.

Zoning is his main option and he owns the zone game. His juggle is deadly and can be done after a FB, a popup, or an aapunch. Shit, after a RH it's zone time all over again.

During a RJ scenario you might wanna throw in a invis just to throw them off and pop em up.

Anyway, reptiles fun man, he has tons of options. The only way every reptile player is the same, is because everyone zones with him, because you have to.

His FBs are deadly, and must be used to full effect.

Kabals much more deadly, but it's all basic shit. I play as kabal every now and then and all I do is go for the deep jk starter, spin, wait, aahp, hp jk fireball...

and that's predictible and I usually lose lol
I like fast characters. They both have a dash, but Kabal's looks cooler. And Reptile has more moves in his arsenal.

So as it has been said, Kabal for the win, Reptile for fun.

But since he's a ninja, Imma go with Reptile.


Kabal is extremely boring simply because he's so easy to use. I suck with Reptile, but he's easily the most fun character to use because of his juggling options. With Kabal, all you have is a pop-up combo, but Reptile's juggles are almost endless. Like others have said, Kabal is for winners, Reptile is for players.


Well ... I play only with 1 friend and I main Kano & Reptile. Although I know some U. Sub, Kabal, Scorpion (and currently practicing Kung Lao) I usually pick Kabal when I get sick of my friend beating me with H. Smoke.

So, as everyone said. Kabal for Win, Reptile for Fun!
Kabal is: carefully placed spin -> 40ish % combo (Can't do better) -> spam some fireballs -> repeat til win

Reptile is more fun. He can be agressive and a zoner (and doing half of his infinite is rewarding, his juggles plain own!). And Kano, oh boy he is awesome in your face character.
Well, at least that's how I play them

P.S. By saying I know those characters that means I don't suck horribly with them. (although compared to people here ... I guess I do xD)
lol most definitely reptile because kabal is pretty boring and juggling is always fun in creating your own combos and stuff but kabals run jab is great tho might i add but other then that reptile ftw!


Kabal is more powerful I think. Setting up good combos with Reptile other than with his pop-up dial combo without a jump punch/kick started is really hard, but that dial combo is good for run-attack. After that you can do high damage combos with the dash move, but it's tough to get on most. Kabal on the other hand has an easy, basic midscreen combo that you can start easily, even after a spin. His corner combos are pretty high and trapping opponents can be easy with him.