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Just for Fun: Discussing the possible NRS Avengers vs X-Men game


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MK11 is done and all those kombat pack rumors turned out to be false. That doesn't bode well for the other rumors concerning NRS's next project, so don't put too much stock in the rumor that their next game will be Avengers vs X-Men. However, just because it's not a sure thing doesn't mean it wouldn't be fun to discuss. So here goes!

Here are the characters I would imagine having a decent shot at making the roster. Am I missing anyone? I'm up to 64 characters, currently.

Avengers Heroes:
  • Captain America
  • Thor
  • Iron Man
  • Hulk
  • Hawkeye
  • Black Panther
  • Vision
  • Ant-Man
  • Nick Fury
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Black Widow
  • Wasp
  • Possibly Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Valkyrie, or Spider-Woman
Avengers Villains:
  • Red Skull
  • Baron Zemo
  • Loki
  • Abomination
  • Leader
  • Enchantress
  • Taskmaster
  • Whiplash
  • Killmonger
  • Klaw
  • Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo
  • Thanos
  • Ultron
  • Kang the Conqueror
  • Madame Hydra
  • Doctor Doom
  • Madame Masque
X-Men Heroes
  • Cyclops
  • Wolverine
  • Phoenix/Jean Grey
  • Colossus
  • Gambit
  • Nightcrawler
  • Storm
  • Rogue
  • Marrow
  • Psylocke
  • Iceman
  • Beast
  • Angel/Archangel
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Bishop
  • Cable
  • Deadpool
X-Men Villains
  • Magneto
  • Juggernaut
  • Mystique
  • Sabretooth
  • Pyro
  • Toad
  • Omega Red
  • the Sentinels
  • White Queen
  • Sebastian Shaw
  • Apocalypse
  • Blob
  • Lady Deathstrike
  • Sauron
  • Silver Samurai
  • Spiral
  • Nimrod


The future of law enforcement.
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And for the love of all that is good and right in the world, can we please have COMPLETE CHARACTERS? I don't want any of this variation nonsense. I'd also like to see more character-specific mechanics. Like, Wolverine, Deadpool, and others should have a "healing factor" that's not a special move. Maybe after not taking damage for 5 seconds, they begin healing .5% every second, something along those lines. Just little passive character traits to help them play differently from one-another, even if their archtypes are similar.