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Discussion in 'The Joker' started by laudanum09, Oct 1, 2013.

By laudanum09 on Oct 1, 2013 at 6:03 PM
  1. laudanum09

    laudanum09 Darling

    Let's discuss it all here. I'll update the OP with new info and corrections as we go. Please be specific with timings/spacings so we can get this as solid as possible.

    ***NOTE: This is a compilation of 'tech' put together by the whole TYM Joker community***

    (Also, if you want to be credited with something here, let me know, otherwise we will consider all of these 'community' intellectual property)

    Thanks to StevoSuprem0 for testing/refining and putting together an excellent compilation of what patch 1.06 has to offer. Like every post this fellow makes and give him an internet while you're at it. Also, don't forget to watch the whole thing, as in the very end there is a new secret 3000% dmg meterless infinite submitted by Bom Trady himself! enjoy!


    *** The basic idea for OTGS is that MB and regular Crowbar put the opponent into an OTG state, meaning that certain specials/normals can hit them out of wakeup moves and supers, completely nullifying them/beating them outright or immediately reset them into standing/crouching block stun if they do not use a wakeup move. This applies even to non-physically hitting wakeups like Teleports. A great way to keep teleporters stuck to the ground and totally remove that option from their game. Crowbar's OTG properties are not new to this patch, they have always been around but the MB Crowbar gives more frame advantage on hit now, giving room for new possibilities.**


    * General rule of thumb is that whatever can OTG midscreen should OTG in the corner but not the other way around*

    Crowbar can be followed up with: b1, d2, d3, crowbar, 3​
    Mb Crowbar can be followed up with: b1, d2, d3, crowbar, 3, b3, f3, rlg​

    -Crowbar allows time for 10 frame or slower wakeups to get stuffed by double dashing followed by a B1 midscreen i.e. Lantern or Black Adam but not faster wakeups like Lex

    -MB Crowbar allows for D3 and B1 to OTG midscreen after one dash (d2, 3, b3/f3 yet to be determined as universal although they may work against certain characters)

    -MB Crowbar allows for Rolling Laughing Gas to OTG done immediately after MB Crowbar

    -MB Crowbar allows for an OTG with Crowbar again performed after one dash

    -MB Crowbar allows for a crossup j2 performed immediately after two dashes that will stuff/punish some wakeups

    -MB Crowbar in the corner allows for an OTG combo (not a reset like the other OTGs mentioned) with B3 in corners with transitions. F3 just OTGs like usual.

    -OTG setups now lend viability to j3, b1, Crowbar/MB Crowbar combo

    -MB Crowbar midscreen > d2 > either MB Rolling Laughing Gas (low) or Crowbar (high) gives us a midscreen 50/50 that cannot be woken up against. Ghetto and reactable, but still somewhat viable nonetheless. - Dr Jackal

    -MB Crowbar in the corner gives time to throw out teeth and follow up with a b1,3 OTG and a combo back into MB Crowbar to loop the setup. MB Crowbar builds about a 1/5 of meter, so if you start off with 2 bars, an optimized loop should build enough for at least a third loop. First posted by Zino more discussion here:

    -MB Crowbar > teeth > D2 > Crowbar is possible in the corner and makes blocking the teeth + overhead crowbar much more difficult than the B1,3 setup. If they don't attempt to block, it knocks them out of the corner. Refer to the video for an illustration of what exactly goes on here. [email protected]

    -For the MB Crowbar>teeth>B1,3 setup, Gilbagz noted that it's more like Doomsday's earth shake attack. It's easier to block, less of an unblockable and more of a kind of hard-to-blockable:

    Wild Card
    Dr Jackal
    B W1zZ
    Jack White
    AK elitegoomba ass tagged.

    Let me know who else to tag.
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Discussion in 'The Joker' started by laudanum09, Oct 1, 2013.

    1. Gilbagz
      Just woke up
      I'll start experimenting in a bit lol
      Buffs sound good!
    2. EMPRESS_SunFire
      Does he have unblockables now? :confused:

      In the corner MB Crowbar, teeths, OTG that is low-overhead plus teeths being a low..... Wow
    3. SonicFox5000
      I already posted a thread a long time ago about his OTG, but nice finds on what he can do when he meter burns his crowbar. People earlier didnt believe that joker could otg you ;_;
    4. Qwark28
      In "Crowbar allows" we trust.
      ThaShiveGeek and laudanum09 like this.
    5. laudanum09

      Yes, we remember. OTGS are not new to the patch, but MB Crowbar has more frame advantage for Joker on hit, meaning there's a lot more we can do now. Midscreen OTGS are completely new to the patch.

      I'll make sure to update the OP to reflect this.
    6. SonicFox5000
      Checkout my insta kill <3
    7. laudanum09

      No idea what this means, but if you want to specify and be credited let me know how.
    8. Qwark28
      not 12f wakeups, you can stuff lift too.
    9. SonicFox5000
    10. laudanum09

      Okay, edited to cut off at 10 frames then until theres something faster that gets stuffed.
    11. laudanum09
    12. StevoSuprem0
      Good shit. One question (just got home finally)- are you guys noticing a difference in some of these depending on the distance that you catch them with the crowbar from? That is, I'm finding that if I catch them with the tip of the crowbar instead of getting super close to them, they are pushed farther away and I can't get them to cross up their wakeup with two dashes and a ji2 after a MB crowbar. Same for the OTGs it looks like.
    13. laudanum09

      Sounds about right. So we'll have to pay attention to naked crowbar hits in 'footsies'. figure out if there are any variations to combos and what works best.

      I remember you said you were making a video, so I figured this would be good for you. I know everyone wants to see this stuff in action, but why don't we wait another day or so until we can get the most of it consolidated so you can use it to make a nice clean vid of it all.
    14. StevoSuprem0
      My capture card literally just came in the mail. Need to play with it a bit. Also, that mb crowbar -> teeth -> b13 loop is a BIIIITCH. haha
    15. laudanum09

      it's great. only thing is that it requires meter. I think Fromundaman found a pretty optimized follow up too. Once we figure out a way to get the most meter out of the combo, we oughta be able to take most of a life bar.
    16. StevoSuprem0
      I actually just meant hard to time lol. But yeah its strong as hell too.
    17. OnlineRon91
      The Teeth, b1, 3 setup should probably be the go-to corner setup even if you have 1 meter in my opinion.
      Quick example -
      The highest damaging ji2 combo with 1 meter in 1.05 was 46% and gave no setups unless you sacrificed damage.
      This combo is 60% for that 1 meter and ends with crowbar for more wake-up denying!
      Extremely early combo -
      ji2, 32 xx MB Crowbar, Close Teeth, OTG b1, 3, 32 xx Crowbar = 28% + 32% = 60%

      Obviously if you got the extra meter, keep going! MB Crowbar instead of Crowbar.

      So dirty lol.
    18. StevoSuprem0
      Not even just the fact that it's awesome in and of itself, but making them afraid to wakeup is HUGE. Opens the door to so much more setup possibilities once you instill the fear :joker:
    19. EMPRESS_SunFire
      They are not afraid to wake up, they literaly can't wake up. That's what an OTG does, they must just block thefirst low even tho they will get traped after it lol
    20. StevoSuprem0
      Yes. So this forces them to block, i.e. not wake up. And when they start doing that, we get teeth setups out of it. Who you think you're talkin to... :p
    21. EMPRESS_SunFire
      Ohh no, i saw your "they are afraid to wake up" comment & i was like doesn't he know what an OTG is, but sorry :p
    22. StevoSuprem0
      Haha no worries. Just messin' around.
      EMPRESS_SunFire likes this.
    23. JokersWild515
      This just made my day. Tag me in any new posts btw :)
    24. laudanum09
      Just to be fair, I believe the first poster to talk about b1,3 OTG in the corner was Zino

      he was the earliest to mention it.

      I know we all found the same tech independently, but if we're going to call it someone's tech it should be him.
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