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Joker Combo Guide by REO


Not really optimal but looks sick:
Edit: Just saw the PNDK&M video, promise I didn’t steal it lol
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Mad Man Variation
1 bar corner:
f3,2 KB; bf2 MB; 4; 121; f142
418.70 dmg

f3,2 KB; bf2 MB; 4; 121; f21~bf4
423.53 dmg

f3,2 KB; bf2 MB; 4; 121; f14~FB
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So what's everyone's favourite variation right now and why?

I'm leaning towards variation 1 because I like the space control with BF3 and the parry. The mixups are there too although are fuzzyable.
I feel like there's dirt in Variation 1 with Oki setups. 21 into Amp BF3 comes to mind.

I can already see Fox taking V3 and gleefully setting everyone he faces on fire.

This character is for real insane.