Johnny Cage Tech 101: X-ray properties

Discussion in 'Johnny Cage' started by Tom Brady, Sep 5, 2011.


  1. this tech was provided in a convo with someone from nrs over the vid where i beat the x-ray with subs standing 2.
  2. Godking Nori

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    Thanks for posting this. I've been wondering forever why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't
  3. Sweet finally an answer! I was thinking it was something like that but always chalked it up to be an inconsistent bug. So I always stayed back and shot a fireball to stop the Xray.
  4. Wax

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    Thank god, or i guess you brady. I was asking this on the Vally stream and you wouldnt reply for some reason. Anyway thanks, also i cant understand why you listen to the streamers if all of the high-level players regaurd your sub as one of if not THE best.
    One of your biggest fans. ;)
  5. Wow.. the amount of information you provide this game's community is unbelievable. This is good to know!

  6. this tech was provided in a convo with someone from nrs over the vid where i beat the x-ray with subs standing 2.
  7. the haters are the high level sub players lol..
  8. Dizzy

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    Thanks for the info Tom, never noticed this but very interesting nonetheless.

    I have a question though, have you noticed the X-ray having 1 or 2 frames of invulnerability on start up where Cage can't be hit but won't parry anything?

    Here is an example: at 2:20 or so

    I've had this happen a few times with jump kicks too but it might be the distance thing shown in your video in the top post. In this one Kitana is clearly in range. It would be hard to be any closer lol.

    I spoke with Paulo a little bit at FxS and that he doesn't believe Johnny has anything that should prevent him from Parrying like that (invulnerability).
  9. CHouse

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    Interesting, thanks for clearing this up.
  10. Godking Nori

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    Not to be a dick, but what other high level subs? Only sub I've seen make a dent in a tournament so far is you.
  11. it got to the point where any tech posted by me or any thread with so much as 1 match of mine along with a kind word would cause a war between my haters/other sub players and my supporters. the entire topic would be lost and the thread would be 100% bickering. it got so bad that the only thing i could do to keep threads on track is withdraw myself from anything sub-zero related.
  12. greeneless

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    lol. wow. I was just doing this like a day ago when I noticed kitana's xray wouldn't be parryed by cage's even if you stand close to him. The xray itself has an animation that throws her back away from him, and makes it so he can't parry, I guess.
  13. Great share, Thank you very much. I kept wondering how the hell it was beating my projectile from close and not far.
  14. hardwire

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    pick up smoke then please
  15. A F0xy Grampa

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    At least this is consistent, by like the other guy said, WTF is up with the invulnerability frames on startup? I got hit by a jumpkick as i did my Xray and it acted as if the jumpkick was blocked, i took no damage and the other guy didnt get xrayed.
  16. Briggs8417

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    Useful information, thanks Tom.
  17. Tremloc

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    intended or not that is completely fucking (soap bar in my mouth). I'm glad you brought this to light tom. What reasoning do they have behind this sweep range decision? because right now it reeks of "Cage's X-ray is fucked up, how can we hack it in to work properly?"
  18. Godking Nori

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    I'm so glad other people are posting things like this, I always felt it was just me so I sucked it up and never complained lol.

    Tom: That's what happens when you are at the top, nowhere to go but down. You'll always get haters. Hell PL won Evo and how many people TRULY give him props and respect? All you hear about is REO. You don't hear anything about JOP taking Cage/Raiden to nearly the promise land either, it's amazing to me. People are going to have their favorites, just like sports. You just have to post things and know there will always be keyboard commandos ready to fire. Do it for the people who appreciate it, screw the others
  19. eskuAdradit0

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    I don't get why people bitch about his XRAY properties. When landed, you get easy 50%+ reset and frame advantage. Cage is already a very solid character, and I don't see why you should make his xray any better. Or is it that you guys want him to win all tourneys?Jesus...

    Great info as always, Tom! I said it had to do something with spacing properties!
  20. Tremloc

    Tremloc Noob

    Who said anything about making his xray better?
  21. doomfarmer

    doomfarmer unorthodox

    Great video! I love how Dark Rob can't wait for Tom's reveal and right away he's like saying "that move moves her inside the range" LOL. So awesome.
  22. HadesWTF

    HadesWTF Don't Hate!

    This is incredibly strange, is there honestly any logical reasoning behind this? I thought the point of Cage's X-ray was all about reads. You read your opponents attack and xray for massive damage or your opponent reads you pulling off the x-ray and you waste your meter.

    Having a way to beat the xray with a free attack AND having the cage player waste meter is along the lines of a 60/40 with Cage being the 40 for a fucked up Xray. I liked it better when his X-ray was a solid 50/50 guessing game.

    Thank you for this enlightening video Tom.
  23. Godking Nori

    Godking Nori I2 > SF5
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    This isn't game breaking or anything. It makes perfect sense, he shouldn't be 100% invincible unless it's close range. If a JC wants to burn his X-ray w/the char outside of his prefered range, he deserves what happens to him next
  24. Dizzy

    Dizzy False Information Police Officer
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    Part of a "read" is using the appropriate response. There's no reason to throw out an x-ray from outside sweep range.

    Tom i'm curious if you have any insight to that issue me and foxy are talking about. (Even posted video footage for you)
  25. HadesWTF

    HadesWTF Don't Hate!

    I mean I agree 100% and I understand why it is the way it is. It's just strange that they can literally use a long poke for free damage.

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