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JeffreyThunder7 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sage Leviathan

I'm platinum mad!
One team. One mission.

Cheetah went south for the winter on Fluffy wings, when fuzzy carpet man with Huey Freeman hat told: 'Element Jeffery Thunder 7 wants to be inm Uprise."

That day was nothing never the same.

BDSM domination by Fluff cuckmaster JeffereyThunderSeven recruitment ot make the clan right again..

Coach thus began sabotage when afro Sage wizard sleeve the Bacon did notice an Element? man.

And then Uprise became JeffreyThunder17.

There was no joltDid you ever hear the tragedy of Puddle the Little Bitc

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This is a great read and all, but have you heard the tragedy of puddle the little bitch?