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Jax's Last Stand (Other General Tech)

Whats good MKU, TYM. This is FOREVER WOLF releasing late, late, late, late Jax tech. Yes, “MK9 is dead”, well IGAU is stupid as hell, so you’ll be just fine hmm? This is a lot of tech no one knows, Tyrant inspired of few things, but I don’t outright copy the man- bit of PND 12 gauge. Some things I’ve seen him do on accident but I made it into legit tech. Some things might have been known but never shared. 1 thing that could change a lot was actually done by tyrant but made into legit tech by @FOREVER BALLIN (fraud). Some things are for general gameplay also, so read, take what you like, give feedback. Don’t comment with ignorant things, this is just some stuff to help out anyone who wants to listen or learn.

The “Yea We Knew That" Tech:
· -You can duck all of Kitanas wakeups if you are a low hitbox character. If you are Jax, sonya, kabal, lao, johnny- characters who are low on ducking, you can evade her fanlift- which she uses a lot at the end of a match.
· -You can neutral jump Sektors teleport uppercut on read
· -If you actually look, you can block Noobs shadows fullscreen by looking at them when they are coming at you. If you back off on noob in the corner and his shadow whiffs, that’s full combo punish all day. Kabal 4 dash, Jax f413, cage f33, sonya divekick.
· -Reptile. Bow down. If you are Sonya, Jax, Cage, Kabal- hell anyone with armor, during their ex dash you can either d1 or armor through it. Kabal Players need this vs reptile because they can ex dash through their ex dash once the first slide comes through and he is coming back.
· -Sonyas wakeups get stuffed by neutral jump
· -You can grab cage outta ex nutpunch
· -Jade is just bad. You can interrupt everything. Just look she has the hugest frame gaps between strings. B1 into the overhead, useless. Her 3 4 overhead, useless. ALL USELESS. Smh, Sorry @Exotic Abuse
· If you play smoke and you have a character that can move across you screen with a special- he is fucked if he is one of the guys who smoke away all day. Jax can superman towards him, sonya can rainbow kick, kabal can DC, cage can f4 and smoke bombs will whiff, reptile can dash. You get the idea here smoke zoning- out. Feed him to the B Tiers.
· Say you are fighting a character who if you block the special the outcome is they are in the air rolling, don’t go for a combo setup if the outcome is less than 30% or doesn’t give you a reset. Do d4 because on hit it is +5 and if that other person doesn’t respect it, they cant d1 out of it, they are fcked. I.e Jax, lao, sub. Guys who don’t get easy potential resets or high damaging combos of air punishes. D4 on hit will give you setups.
· If you are playing sonya and you know she is going to ex cartwheel, you can do standing 1 IN THE DURATION of the kartwheen then block. The recovery on some ppls standing 1s are amazing like JC.
Now if you aren’t a Jax player you don’t have to keep reading- If you just wanna keep reading well who’s stoping you?


Inspired By other players Tech
· FOREVER BALLIN / Tyrant - His is really good actually. Say you do f413 in the corner and do d1, you would do 12 12 12 12 into ex superman. Now at the top of the hitbox the first hit will hit but the grab will whiff. Warning this does put your opponent out of the corner. The outcome is about +20. You get a free hell whatever. It’s a nice gimmick and will catch the first person to see it off guard. Risk but can be Done.
· Tyrant and 12 gauge stuff- If you do the f413 bnb into overhead you can then do 22 to reverse their wakeup into the corner.
· Jax can AA mileenas flying kick, few of us knew that though.

My New Tech.
· If you are zoning and you try to catch them jumping in with a GP and you do superman you get a free ex gp for 27% unbreakable.
· If you do DJK into f4 superman or 1-1-12 superman or 1-1-22 superman, you get a free ex gp.
· If you get a confirmed jump in, you can gimmick with a close GP into either standing 4 energy wave, or neutral jump standing 1 overhead into an ex GP. You get 30% and spacing advantage.
· If someones move whiffs over you, standing 1 AA is smarter that F4 or 12 because you get +21 (advantage already know but never used effectively) to setup for block string or catch them off guard with f4 overhead.
· Vs JC, the smart thing to do is if he spacing, Do a lot of standing 1s randomly, you will legit bait him coming in and it is 8 frames which is faster than his f3 or standing 2 if he wants to come in. I use is all the time, it worked on CURBO.

· If you have no meter and the opponent does, as long as it isn’t kabal, noob, QC, someone with a wakeup you should block instead, you can do the f413 bnb into overhead then do superman punch and reverse block- it will reverse their wakeup into the corner. OR if you wanna do f413 into d1 1 1 1 12 12 whiff gotcha, you can go back into f4 energy wave grab which will make the end unbreakable (smarter option)
· F4 energy wave should be done against all low hitbox characters- not f41(3), d4 overhead is better in those MUs also. If you do the ex energy wave that will check them on trying to poke out of thinking its f413
· Use 22 overhead on block to bait out armor or punishable moves.
· If you do b124 superman you can do ex gp also. Also b124 in the corner and doing standing 1 1 1 12 12 superman, you can treat it as an overhead and still the the reset for about 38% instead of starting with the f413 for 29%.
· B12 into gotcha grab into f4 is the smartest thing to do against characters who win off armor because 124 is interruptable but canceling into gotcha will check them.

· If you do, f413 d1 12 OHS and then do a late JK in the corner offline that will reverse it 100% of the time. Online you are better off doing the superman into reverse block or 22.

This is one last thing. Tyrant kind of elaborated so i will too. If you are jax and you play a character that can zone through the air, say mileena, kitana, skarlet, kabal. if they aren't insta airing but the projectile still is going to hit you, AA grab will adjust your hitbox to evade the projectile. It does work.
*Also if you play someone who can do late projectiles like jax canceling a gp into a energy wave- you can time a jump 4 and it will give you more airtime to avoid it and the gp if he follows up with that.

That’s all, critique- see what you like, thanx guys.

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