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Jax VS noob


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Please for the love of god help with this matchup.
Jax - Hunker Down

Noob almost stands at neutral at all times and just stands in place. Free range and pokes all day long. So far I can't find punishes that hit. Also I hate Jax's 1 so much. I'm hitting the standard f2,d4. Hitting my f33's but this variation doesn't put out enough damage and as long as noob has 2 chances to have me at any little range he's going to clean house with the pokes and counter pokes into combo. Am I slowly accepting the fact I might need to play Grinnin Barrett!?
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What makes this matchup worse for you then like Skarlet or Jade ? Characters that want to space will always be hard to get in to cause we dont have a good advancing mid.