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Discussion in 'Jade' started by Krayzie, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Krayzie

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    Post all Jade matches here. This will be a sticky.

    I'll start. This was my week Jade, the tournament right after Revelations at Family Fun Arcade.

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  2. Good stuff. You're really consistent with 1 dash 23F2 for pop up combos... the timing on that is really strict, I can barely do it in practice haha.

    Not a video of myself, and imo it's not the best series, but it did stick out to me seeing a Jade being played at a local tournament.
  3. Krayzie

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  4. CompletelyJaded

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    Seems like a fun match. I see you dropped her for Cyrax? Are you going for greener pastures? :D

  5. Online stuff. ♡
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  6. Thead

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    I'm stealing your B32~Shadow Kick, dash, 4~Staff Grab. I use to use D1 instead of 4 but yours is more damaging. :)

    Nice games, something I find useful against Kano is that he seems to struggle fullscreen against Flash and Up Boomerang. Noticed you dash in a few times when you could of backed up and utilised Up Rang. Just an observation.

    CSZ Divekick is punishable with U3 as well.

    Very enjoyable to watch, and learnt a few tips from your Sheeva at the end too, thanks.

    Might as well throw these in here while I'm at it:

    Ketchup (Stryker) vs. UsedForGlue (Jade)

  7. Prinz

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    Hey man, good stuff. I like how u used b32, I don't sadly, but I will try to incorporate it in my game. Also, I loled every time CSZ got stuffed by the almighty Glow lol The opponent is a good player too, good competition.
  8. Beginner0k_TwM


    Sorry if it's already been shown or discussed.
  9. Gambini

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    I have a few jade matches sprinkled throughout this video:
    Check the video description for links to the match start times, since it is about an hour long. If you are wondering why I didn't embed the video in this post, it is because it is almost useless trying to watch it without the time stamps to help navigate (unless you enjoy listening to idle banter).
  10. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    Good matches right there. A lot of setups presented in video examples.
  11. B2 to avoid black hole reset up close is genius. ღ
  12. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

  13. Very bad match - missed all combo oportunities, no ex glow\ex SO used which could help a lot -> made no pressure so had to pay for that with 2 bars for breaker.
  14. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    I agree with your observations. He also could use an en-rang in some situations and didn't capitalize on the fullscreen positioning, especially against Jax. He did make good use of d1 and d3 to stop Jax's pressure and b32df4 gave me an idea of a potential frametrap watching this video. But overall it was great watching Jade competing with Jax and leading the match to the 3rd round with almost win.
  15. It allways makes a good feeling to see Jade players on tournaments but this fight looked like Jax just needed time to get used to Jade's gameplay and after that he got no trouble.
  16. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    Yeah, you got a point. But I saw some anti-Jax and general gameplay material right there, it was informative for me. I hope the player finds out about TYM and joins the forum.
  17. TheChad_87

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    These were online games, so it what it is. Lots of dropped combos =-/ And I realize there are tons of play errors, too; but for me, the point of recording is to play it back and learn from it. :)

    Me Playing with AJ ([MENTION=7367]catch22[/MENTION] 's kid)

    0:00 - TheChad_87 (Jade) v AlexDC-22 (Reptile) - AJ
    6:11 - TheChad_87 (Jade) v AlexDC-22 (Kabal) - AJ
    8:27 - TheChad_87 (Jade) v AlexDC-22 (Skarlet) - AJ
    14:44 - TheChad_87 (Jade) v AlexDC-22 (Sub-Zero) - AJ

    Me playing with [MENTION=5811]AestheticLove[/MENTION]

    0:00 - TheChad_87 (Cyrax) v Birdsongs (Jade)
    5:26 - TheChad_87 (Nightwolf) v Birdsongs (Jade)
    13:18 - TheChad_87 (Cyrax) v Birdsongs (Jade)
  18. Thanks for the video! Very nice games, and i had 1 question - why too much unsafe like d2 and b1?
  19. TheChad_87

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    Offline, I always cancel by B1 into a F1, but Online, it won't come out sometimes. I've since started using 3 as a combo starter and B1 for punishment only.

    The uppercuts ... oh dear, the uppercuts. I'm just uppercut happy LOL. I'm working on it, though. ^_^
  20. leek

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    That's all I got from that post.

    douchebag. >_>
  21. Jade by Check against Scorpion by Scoot McGee on VSM Thursday Night Casuals
    since 7:30 of 3rd part.

    If someone can get it from this vid do it pls. Very unusual gamestyle and seems like effective one.
  22. TakeAChance

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    Good gameplay, but check did the same string the entire match. It looked better because I don't think scoot knew the matchup. Good stuff tho.
  23. Check

    Check -

    Thanks guys.

    The only i use 12 and 4 with Jade. Not a fan of her other moves. It's effective, but not enough damage. Nothing i can do about it though.. To me that's how she's played.

    Scoot has played vs Jades before. His words to me last night were "I've played vs a lot of Jades, but i've never seen her played like that". Again, to me, that is how she is played.

    Later. Thanks again.
  24. TakeAChance

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    Check I am in no way knocking your Jade :) It looked good!

    I just don't know if Scoot knew that he could d1 you after the 1,2 instead of always jumping back and getting caught in your d1 + staff slam. Good stuff tho, and yea, 12, and 4 are her best normals. b1 for punishes.
  25. Check

    Check -

    very true about d1! he did d1 me a few times before staff came out. from my experience, a lot of people like to let go of block after the d1. Scoot actually blocked the most of them out of anyone i played, including cdjr.

    haha, i forgot about b1 for punish. i did have a chance to once or twice on a blocked teleport. good stuff, man! Thanks for the kind words :)

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