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Jade Tech thread


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The purpose of this thread is to collate bits of Jade tech. This is not variation specific and can include non tournament moves.

It’s a place for stuff too small to deserve a whole thread, but also would get lost in the other discussions about buffs and tiers.

Honestly I find little stuff pretty regularly and I don’t want to fill the Jade forum with 1 post threads. So I’m posting it here and if you have little pieces of useful tech you should too.

Let’s get to it.

J2 - this move has tight timing against standing opponents, but can be landed regularly with practice. It has very long reach and can hit opponents at sweep distance. On hit it combos into f21, which can lead to her biggest non-kB damage

The problem with j2 f21 is that 1) if j2 is blocked f2 can be poked and 2) if the f21 is blocked it’s death.

Another option is j2 124. j2 has such big hitstun that it combos into 124 even if 1 whiffs. So you can land j2 (1)24 out of the range of 1, netting 152 damage. (This will not trigger the (1)24 kB)

On block, j2 jails 124 even if the 1 whiffs. The opponent can’t press a button or even jump if they block the j2. They just have to block low. If they block the j2 but don’t block low, the 1 will whiff and they will get hit by the 24, triggering the KB. If they block the whole thing, Jade is still safe.

Compared to j2 f21, the damage potential for j2 124 is pretty terrible. But it is a good safe option to mix in.

I find it most useful against opponents who know they can walk in under air glaive. Mix up the jump back glaive with jump back 2 to keep the pressure off.


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Spamming normal glaive with some purple usage is an easy win against most boss characters
not sure if we should clutter this thread with SP strats, but for those interested -

You can easily generate flawless victories in ToT by looping B343 amp glaive, B343 into another B343, and B343 into throw. Don't know why, but the CPU seems to melt down on this stagger and has no idea what to do. Often it will just eat them straight, every once and awhile it will block but usually let the last hit or special hit them.

If you really want to play it safe you can take a modifier shot or hold (laser beam, magic arrow, etc) to help cover your options after a knock down (CPU will rarely wake up with U3, but will occasionally roll, and if you're trying to meaty B343 you'll want the cover).

Really useful if you're doing Jade's towers and need to make the 10 Flawless
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If only that anti wake up tech worked for her tourney variations, sadly she doesn't have that move.


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I labbed a little more. It seems like if you start 124 while the opponent is in hitstun from a single hit, you can whiff the first two hits and still trigger the KB. Here are some strings that I have used to trigger the 124 KB:

F2 (12)4
D4 (12)4
BF1 (12)4
(Air) DB1 (12)4
DB1 amp (12)4

I amplified the upward razor rang to get the spacing right, and the opponent was still only hit by one rang.

All of this only works if the opponent doesn’t push buttons. So file it all under “weird jade stuff” and forget it I guess.


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Idk if I would a tournament variation with that anti wake up move. It costs a bar and replaces glow. Seems like a lot to give up.
True, I mean the flash is a big move of hers in general and pretty much makes her easier to zone from opponents so I definitely wouldn't sacrifice that move. I guess if you're super aggressive and like corner trapping people, maybe that move is worth it but that's a situation that has to present itself. Kind of surprised her other spin bo move doesn't work the same way.


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To piggy back above, her fatal blow also auto corrects out of run. Had an amazing unintentional fit of laughter yesterday after tagging @Jimmypotato with it after he teleported.
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Some Jaded corner pressure notes:

I've been playing a lot of Jaded, which has much better corner carry due to the fact that the nitro kick doesn't change sides. Once in the corner, Jade has a couple of good corner combos off of 12 and 43. I go for
12 bf1 amp d1 d1 212 : 248 dmg
34 bf1 amp d1 d1 d1 212 : 305 dmg

The problem is that 12 bf1 and 34 bf1 only hit if the opponent is standing. If they are ducking, they fall faster and the glaive whiffs. Jade can use jails to force the opponent to stand before she starts the strings. To be clear these are true jails so if hit the opponent cannot duck, jump, or poke. They have to block and hold the string.

To jail 12 I use
d1, d3 , and b343

To jail 34 I use
d4 and 21

If they block the whole string Jade is still +7 due to the amp glaive. That jails another 12.

If the opponent consistently blocks the whole thing and tries to poke out of the glaives Jade can do 12 bf3 amp or 34 bf3 amp to do the amplified vault, which is an overhead. These are not true combos but will catch opponents poking or duck-blocking in the corner.

When all else fails, mix in some throws


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Just a fun tidbit, no groundbreaking tech or anything.
With the proper release check settings you can execute 3, B3, F3, and 43 into pole vault or the cancel without having to fully execute the move.
B3,BF will get you a vault,
F3,BF will get you a vault,
4,3,BF will get you a vault,
B3,BF,MB will get you an instant B3-kick cancel.
F3,BF,MB will get you an instant F3-kick cancel.
4,3,BF,MB will get you an instant 4,3-kick cancel.


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The fact that b3434 refuses to properly execute 75% of the time out of most pokes and you get a sweep instead further reduces the value of the Jaded variation. Definitely trash tier that struggles even in matchups that air glaive gives Jade a fighting chance in.
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how Is anyone here playing against lui kang ? What offense or defense for jade to win ? I can’t beat a competent lui player for the life of me .. he zones better, can close the gap with the flying kick, and post patch it seems his pressure is insane. I know the string gaps but they just cancel into fireball once they realize this. I understand it’s a tech thread so I’m asking what tech to use to beat him. Tournament variation please