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Jade tactics from "Lex theorycrafting zone"


by Lex on classicmk.com:

jade is kinda tough since you have to rely on universal basics, like well timed high kicks and sweeps, but heres a few:

rj the crap out of ppl and do the staff 4 hit. if it hits, juggle a sweep and stay in their face.

if they cross up, do green kicks with the motion reversed (juggle a second with the forward motion). sometimes they will fly behind you so you have to react quickly to juggle a second when that happens. i usually follow up with boomerangs after that.

if you get to zone range, throw TONS of the boomerang projectiles. just keep tossing them until they get midrange.

rj's xx projectile invis then quickly upper. works well, cos ppl like to try and jump, or they eat uppercut chip dmg.

be smart with green kicks. use them like liu kangs kicks and stuff ppl trying to jump and advance. most of the time i try for two back to back green kicks just for shits and giggles. it hits more often than you would think because of the short cooldown.


my biggest problem with her is the upclose game, i like using the 4 hit staff combo, but i always end up doing it at the wrong time, cause it whiffs on duckers and that usually gets me, i end up having to use her 4 hit kick combo more then i'd prefer, and i try to throw that reflector thingy in there all the time

up close you do your standard rj/uppercut chip/high kicks and wait for them to jump back (boomerangs) or crossup (green kick). its very basic, you can do the same tactic with nightwolf. the knee combo is good, finish it, and mix up green kick and high kick.

sense people are starting to use block to cancel with more, i'll have to use her 7 hit to max out my chip damage, but it also starts with the staff and gets whiffed from time to time.

use the uppercut for most of your chip damage, and get used to the range it puts you at after they block it. this range is key for any char, and very key for jade.

what would be some good uplcose mind games, i know she has to have some pretty decent ones cause she's got nice tools, jus no real juggles.

no real 'nice' ones, just basics. well, aside from the projectile cancel upper, you can mix in sweeps (be smart), high kicks, and green kicks. once in a while, rj xx boomerang. most of her up close game is from stopping chains early and rj/high kick/sweep/green kick.

to improve your close game overall, get used to tapping run before everything you do. ex: finish the 4 hit knee combo, tap run+forward then hk.