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We are Many but we didnt make MK11 not one
She looking good I was hoping the clench and the throw break into throw move was in and she has the cancels I'm freaking salivating right now.


Sindel when?
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If these aren’t changed in a day 1 patch I’m mad disappointed.
The leap isnt in at all and the varied projectiles aren’t there either.

First variation having clinch and the fake outs is promising at least but still...


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Here's hoping that they are indeed going to be rounded out and empty slots filled day 1, but purely as is, I'm extremely happy to have the cancels and the clinch together in an official variation. The MB throw escape is cool but I'm not actually sold on it as a practical thing, but I'll take it I guess. That second variation isn't my thing at all, though.


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I'm nervous about her Cheetah lunge being viable. In a game with some insane teleports and "reactionary" specials, I'm nervous she'll be picked off every time she goes airborne. Like, how's she supposed to use that move against Kabal? I hope I'm wrong! Hopefully the tracking on D'Vorah's awesome teleport won't be good enough to catch Jacqui mid-air...


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Can someone tell me the loadouts? im at work and I cant see pictures
Variation 1: lethal weapon (Jacqui is wearing red and white power armour suit)

Lethal Clinch - grapple moves

Cybernetic overdrive - cancel basic attacks

Robo grappler - Enhanced throw escapes

Varuation 2: All army (green and white aka buzz light year outfit)

Hyper knee - looks like a tiger knee?

Diving bomb - air attack


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She looks kinda fat in those pictures. I hope it´s just the pictures lol

Variation 1 looks very good, exactly the abilities I would have used anyways


Thanks for these, J was my "main" in X and I'm happy with these skins, just not her default hair. She has hair that I do like though so I won't complain.