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J360's Frost Match-up Series Chapter 1: The Zoners. (Skarlet, Cetrion, Noob, Shang)


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Whats up TYM! This particular video is a kickoff to my new match-up discussion series as to where i will be posting all that i've labbed vs the cast. To kick the series off we are starting with some of frosts most uncomfortable match-ups, which are dedicated zoners. As to not flood the forums with 1000 different match up threads i have grouped them into archetypes, every few days rotating the main discussion with a new video

As for the first episode i decided to start with a match-up i believe is 5-5, maybe even slightly in Frosts favor.
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Skarlet is one of the characters believed to be a counter to frost since the beginning of the game. Although pre patch the match-up was much harder, post patch frost has better frame data on glacial calving and a viable mid for oki. The matchup's have changed now that frost can use her kit more cohesively. Below are some of the things discussed in the video but not all, just some bullet points.

Common strings and their weaknesses
-212 which is a launcher string for skarlet is -11. S13 punish is possible, reversal throw is guaranteed in lag Even at max distance.
-124 can be flawless blocked. If skarlet only does 12 she is -6 and it is your turn again.
-b3,4 can be flawless blocked, becomes -10 and can be reversal throwed or s1
-b1,2 can be flawless blocked
-F4,3 alone is -1, however the second hit can be flawless blocked
If she does only f4 it is -6 and it is your turn again
-4,4 is +6, cannot be flawless blocked, both hits are high if not blocked

F2 and its Stagger potential.
-f2,1 is a two hit string that ends in low, -7 with push back, can be flawless blocked, and punished with b1,2 or throw from almost max distance. it is safe at max distance

f2 into blood ball can be interrupted by b1,2 and d4
f2 into bf2 cannot be interruped by b1,2, but can be by d4
f2 into db3 cannot be intteruped by b1,2 but can be by d3 or full combo jump over
d4 beats parry cancel

In Neutral -
Main objective- get skarlett to a corner, her defense options become limited and she must rely on her great d1 and staggers to either get you away or stall time for a defensive meter in order to teleport away.

Up Close
Stay either at b1 range or b2 range in order to whiff punish, skarlet has fast normals that can knock you away on hit and grant her space.

Full Screen
blood tentacle Flawless blocking skarlets db4 makes it -16 instead of -6
Blocking a Blood tentacle and performing a reversal glacial calvin will nullify one round of projectiles and is safe to any skarlet follow up.
Blood shot bf2 goes from -5 to -15 when flawless blocked
Blood ball goes from -3 to -8 when flawless blocked

If a blood ball is followed up by a tentacle a jump over and a guaranteed dash put you into b2 range.

you never have to over commit, you can walk passed projectiles all day, and the moment she does a tentacle you get a guaranteed glacial calving and can advance even more.

flawless blocking a tentacle full screen grants a safe core discharge that interrupts another tentacle. Tentacle does 1% more than core discharge so it is only ideal if you have a life lead.

How to counter her teleport
Skarlet can teleport 4 ways,
Behind you Punishable by s13
far behind you Punishable by f2
In place Range Dependant
In front of you punishable by s13

All options other than the directly behind option require defensive meter. This is why it is important to mount offense and capitalize on damage when she has used her defensive meter to escape a combo. Her options become limited and she now has to stall time to zone you out. When she breaks in a corner she is at a severe disadvantage and must stagger and trick you back into the corner or stall time for meter to be in a favorable position.
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Very sick Skarlet guide. Many skarlet players also do 12~DB4B, which the last special (blood worm or wtv its called) is flawless blockable.

She really was a pain in the ass pre-patch but now, whenever someone picks her....it puts a smile on my face. Flawless block that shit all day