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It is extremely important to have a rival that can push you to the limit" - Alex Valle, Who's yours?

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Haha I tried to make him a rival/training partner, I was like add me let's train eachother for EVO. After the 5th time of him deleting me off his friends list I was just like nevermind lol obviously you don't want to get better
Just another day of getting KINGED


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DarthArma has always forced me to the limit, and I'm glad he's finally getting over his tournament nerves. Without people like him, Rico always keeping my play honest, REO always forcing me to adapt midmatch, Frantastic allowing me to see the holes in my own gameplay, or ChrisG for never letting me get predictable, I may not have been ready to fight new people at every tournament.

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Being the loud mouth piece of shit that I am I've had quite a few rivals.

Small one with Detroit ballin prior to devastation, settled via MM

who could forget the epic ness that was me vs jwong at Canada cup? After going up 5-0 on him in grand finals he rattles off 3 straight to win it and tells me NRS makes shitty games. I got my revenge the following year.

The buildup to my set with CDjr at FR in which I bad mouthed his jax heading into the match. He beat me 2-1 but not without me backing up my talk about jax. Was pretty free to smoke though lol.

Small riff with wound cowboy over some online tournament drama. Settled via MM at SCR.

An unofficial rival has been GGA 16 Bit. I do well but can never close it out against him at tournaments, even with the fact kitana was my most played MU.

But my two favorite rivalries...

Back in 2008 MKDC was released. It was a shit game and we all knew it. One day a gentleman by the name of Tom Brady showed up. This was his debut to the mk competitive scene(whether he did mk3 tourneys iunno). He posted on mku that Tom Brady would be online one night only! Seeing as how this guy had been running his mouth about how offline was the shizz, I figured I'd test his skills. I beat him 10-6 Kano vs GL. Afterword he commented on how if that was offline he would blow me up. We continued this back and forth banter for years until my debut at devastation 2011. We met and played 3 MMs. Tom took it 2-1. After some casuals we shook hands and put the beef behind us. Although he could have done it a tad classier, I believe tom Brady's support for the offline scene pushed the mk community and members such as Tim static storms and krayzie saw the importance of that and started a home for the mk community known originally as Mortal Kombat Empires but now we all call it Testyourmight.com

My favorite rivalry was with EGP tyrant. My debut I eliminated him early from pools at devastation. Being unaware of the quan chi MU tyrant proved that to be the only factor as he took a MM from me easily at SCR later that year. It wouldn't be until the following year that we did the tiebreaker in which I barely won 3-2. A great guy and a hyped up set that TenZeRo7 always hyped up.

Mk had so many fresh faces, ppl who wanted to make a name for themselves and had the balls to call ppl out and make matches hype. Injustice community lacks this terribly. There are very few hype rivalries or MMs that anyone cares to see. MK community may be small in comparison to the other games, but fuck are we ever passionate about our game.

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Enuma Elish and i have a rivalry spreading across 2 games already

i will beat Benbeeach is my tournament rival every time hes either sent me to losers or knocked me out of the tournament each time

The nonmiraculous Dr Morganstien my training partner

Yea my man imblackjames is the only reason I've won a match in MK9 or Injustice tournaments. Its great having a dude who is always one step ahead of you.