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It is extremely important to have a rival that can push you to the limit" - Alex Valle, Who's yours?

I'm looking for a rival.

I've been playing online MK9 for three months now (that's my only option here in Australia) but every time I come across someone that's on my level or better, they're a total fuckwit that'll teabag or Babality me just to be a dick.

I'm not putting up with that kinda bullshit. If people wanna be smart-arse pricks, I won't bother with 'em.

Glass Sword

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Crisis is too nice to be my rival and I've beaten him once in tournament. Don't try to hype up something that is not there.
What tournament did you ever beat me in Glass_sword? I can agree on the nice though, you spew mountains worth of salt and lack of confidence for the both of us. TFC and ReSe come to mind. :/


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Ra Helios

Not that either of us have played against each other (and I doubt that we ever will), but there are a number of reasons why I'd consider him my rival.

1. We both have some form of autistic spectrum disorder.
2. We both main Catwoman.
3. I rely on what I know based on theory, whereas Ra seems to rely on what he knows based in practice online.
4. All of the above creates somewhat of a tension for me when dealing with Ra. Theory Fighter vs. Online Warrior mirror match if you would. And that drives me to prove I'm not talking out of my ass more than anything else.

Notable mentions go to the GGA Crew (Slips in MK9; 16 Bit in IGAU), the old GameFAQs Crew (RedRaptor10 in MK9; xWildx in IGAU), and various others for being truly awe-inspiring with my mains.


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That's my problem , I've never had a solid training partner and one that plays often , i'm pretty sure there are many other people that have the same problem..its kind of bad luck I guess.


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Yammini. He has one of the best Arrows I've seen, and everytime we do a ft5 I have to play like my life depend on it.



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No rivalries for me. Just a passion to beat Serato1988/WataDaGerr/ForTheShaolin (whenever he actually played me), SanioLetuchy, Antisysteme and HumanHitman47. At least we got to be e-friends with HumanHitman and actually play some casuals after tons of ragequitting... Everyone else mentioned above are pure idiots.
Stop lying it's Nighmare SF lol
Haha I tried to make him a rival/training partner, I was like add me let's train eachother for EVO. After the 5th time of him deleting me off his friends list I was just like nevermind lol obviously you don't want to get better