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Is this the best Cassie Skin?


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I really thought it was a new skin or something.. but it is actually an old one. It just jumped out at me to look cool and was the first time I got that with Cassie. Maybe it is the colours... is that new?


I also think her best skins are the jacket ones. Cassie needs more different skins, they all look the same. But everybody has their taste so i'm glad you can enjoy the red armor version.


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Best ones are the ones with her long ponytail which would be the military Kombat armor (her default), jackets over the armor, & the ones without the armor but has the weapons.

That one to me & the short hair doesn’t look good on her. The others that she has are bad imo. They want you to look like space cadet so bad that they’re giving me the armor 10xs over in Tower rewards. She literally looks like an astronaut smh.

Imo she needs more like the actual concept arts you find in the krypt as alternate skins but leave her ponytail alone. Looks better with that or the hair bun imo. Just don’t fade the sides if they go to the bun lol.


I got that skin as one of the "skin or augment" rewards from doing random towers with Cassie. But yeah, Im only down with the longhair skins.
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If you like it you can probably find in by doing towers with her. I prefer her skins with the jackets it’s the only ones that look good.
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That cassie skin is like the worst skin in the game, I have no idea what its even trying to evoke.

I like the spacesuit one, reminds me of mass effect.


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I think theres alot of politics going on behind the scenes for female characters skins we just don't know about.

Imagine the team coming up with the wonderful face/animations/moves etc then they have so much choice for her outfits to really go to town with ideas and looks and they come up with armour turtle necks and I hope you like fully covered metal armour because that's all your going to get.

Such a shame this game is brought down by such minor things and telling they haven't offered any alternatives yet... oh well might not have equality but we do have extreme violence yey lol.

Sorry this post is so negative. It is a great game all in all, truth be told, just brought down by SJW/woke mentality. I mean would choice really hurt anyone ;)

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Go to her list of skins and find the one you want, it'll probably just say "Found in the towers of time" but it's a start.

Her skins are gross, tho. Really hate what they did with her design in this game.