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Question - Hunter Is this a legit Hunter vortex?

I'm playing around with Predator - Hunter for about 2 weeks now. And i have significantly more wins (ranked/player matches online) just with one simple corner trick:

A delayed wake up will probably mess up the entire hard to blockable element of the combo but against randoms online it works quite often. 3,2 can break armor and you dont need meter for this vortex.

So, is this a legit hard to blockable vortex? Cant really find any content of this Hunter gameplay on YT.
Or maybe some tips to get the maximum damage output?


Warning, the music overlay in the video is quite loud!

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well, it will lose to anyone with double armor or invincible wake-up, and tech roll will get out easy, so not really a vortex when there is multiple ways to get out of having to block it

it's also doable meterless and with more damage too (but without the heal)

it's still pretty good ofc
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Well firstly, if you have to say that it works well sometimes against randoms online then it might not be as good as you think. Tech roll blows this up pretty hard. I think the term you're looking for is hard-to-blockable setup rather than vortex. Try using some sort of splat like F4 as an ender so you have plenty of advantage to set up the trap safely instead of 32 which can be tech rolled quickly and gets them out of the setup quickly.