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Is there a easy way of doin Kung lao spin on umk ds


I used do his spin all the time on ds. But its so diffcult 2 pull off cuz of the tiny controls. Any suggestions/tips


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It's really not too bad, it just takes more time to get used to than you'd like. I have especially big hands so it was pretty tough but I just stuck with it. I started with Ermac and practiced for 3-4 hours at a time just doing basic combos and getting the feel for the small controls. As far as Lao's spin, it's much more difficult obviously because of the small ass pad... and it seems you need to input it noticeably quicker than other ports due to the sped up gameplay on the DS.


Tim Static said:
mod a stick on that bitch ;)
I was JUST talking to skillz about this in the shoutbox, and then I clicked on this post... freaky.

I want to make it so it fits into the arcade controller, and the screen pops out, as well as the ds being detachable from the controller.

The question is, should I go clunky massystems wood style, or slim hori plastic style?