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Is the “hidden character” that Ed Boon mentioned real? *New Ed Boon Interview*


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In a recent interview, Ed Boon mentioned in a sarcastic voice that there was “definitely NOT a secret character you could unlock in Injustice 2 if you beat the story mode without getting hit”. He said it multiple times.

The interview itself was amazing. Ed Boon is a great actor and the entire thing was hilarious. The secret character stuff is almost certainly a troll, but figured I’d make a thread about the interview in case people haven’t seen it!

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Doubt it. We'd know it, if there was a hidden character in the PC version, since some people do datamining.

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I heard that if you beat the story mode without getting hit the screen just turns into a mirror, because the secret character has been you the whole time.
And then you fight against yourself in a mirror match lol.