Question Is Sub Zero completely non-tournament viable?

Discussion in 'Sub-Zero' started by Enenra, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Panque

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    Saying Sub-Zero's damage is ok is insane and something I'll never agree with. Unless everyone starts doing crappy damage, that would make the rounds slower and the game more enjoyable anyway.
    That said, I think he should also get the fixes above mentioned (about the slide and the 2), at least. Perhaps ex clone breaking armor (but with the current proximity limit) and making the ice puddle faster/cancel-able would make those 2 moves useful tools for the thinking sub without changing any of his matchups drastically. Something must be done about the KL matchup, but I can't think of anything that wouldn't break others.

    Also, i'd like to control my iceclone and make it run like noob's clones /troll
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  2. OnizukaPM

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    Heh if we start again BUFF Sub-Zero thread i want decide if i want to move forward/backward after clone
  3. GGA soonk

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    Teleport after clone. On hit it knocks them into the clone for a combo with unscaled damage.
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  4. salvificblood

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    Yes, teleport after clone! Lol.
  5. deathgun

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    I think i heard someone from the nrs to say after the last patch that they wont be patching the game again. Its weird to see you guys talking about buffs to the char these days. Just drop the char if youre going competitive, stop praying for the char to get buffed, it wont happen.
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  6. Dark_Rob

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    There was definitely a time when Subzero was very tournament viable. I know, I was playing him in tournaments back then. But little by little with each passing patch it got harder and harder. Its bitter sweet to think of the early days with this character. There was no dash nerf so it was easier for Sub to blitzkrieg his way in, now its like he's wearing concrete boots. He used to hit like a panzer division, now he hits like Herbie the lovebug. The ice clone used to be a real problem for alot of the cast, now not so much, many characters have an armored move to blow it up. People used to play with more respect against Subzero because they knew if he touched you he would hurt you bad, now they don't care. They will play risky as hell, because they don't care if you catch them with 22%, big deal. That's a far cry from 50% he used to be able to do with one bar. Even Kung Lao, wild risky son of a bitch that he is, used to have more respect for Subby.
    They took him a piece at a time, changed the game to make his best tools far less effective, took his damage, and brought in a bunch of DLC characters that seem like they were built specifically to make life hell for him.
    So is he still viable? Well yes, to a point, against certain characters he can be. But you wont win a tournament with just Subzero. To many matchups that are just really really hard for him. And most of those are against characters your almost certain to run into. The top characters have been fleshed out now in this version of the game and the best thing to do is go with one of them if you want to win.
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    Which, in turn, is Sub-Zero.
  8. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    I can tell you right now... that if you wanted to move forward You'd die FASTER. The recovery on clone is LONG and people will simply blow you the fuck up. True story.

    I want two things... i've finally made up my mind.
    2 registering as a high but hitting all crouching whatever... block or neutral.
    Faster dash cancel. If he's going to hit like a pussy... then he should move like a fucking ninja. I'm talking CSZ type dash. Yup... I think that'd be awesome.


    Except there isn't cartridge limitations and a 2nd Sub-Zero with an ice shower to help him out this time..


    To be fair I think that's what CSZ was intended to be, the more aggressive Sub (think Classic Sub as opposed to using Unmasked Sub in UMK3), problem is, you just spit out a bomb and get pwned when you try to pressure with anything using 3 =/

    MK10 CSZ: give him ice shower, ditch the bombs, GIVE HIM HIS OWN TELEPORT THAT HE ACTUALLY DOES WHEN HE TAGS OUT
  11. Play whoever you're comfortable with, if you feel like you're doing "work" you should play someone else for that match-up or in general.
  12. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    Ice shower is dumb.... and honestly it reminds me a ton of Noob's portals.
    Plus... I really don't give two shits about what they wanted CSZ to be.... he's a dumb character.


    Dumber than Kabal? Nobodies personal feelings about fictitious characters should be accounted for at high level.
  14. Enenra

    Enenra Go to hell.

    l Enenra l
    I just want Sub Zero to be respected again, like Dark_Rob said. He is my favorite character and he made people "Oh shit" when they saw him. And he was hard to use, I had to train myself to play him. I was a huge fan of just lolrush with characters with combos like 111. He seems like he should be a bad ass, like everyone should be scared of him. You don't get to be the grandmaster by having 3-7 MUs. And the only reason he sucks is because NRS changed the game and forgot about him, they FORGOT ABOUT ONE OF THE MOST BELOVED CHARACTERS OF ALL TIME. Eh, it bothers me, but it is a video game and that's it... I'm sure I could will myself to making Smoke my favorite.
  15. BigC

    BigC I'm great in my world.

    Just scrolling through and I saw this but that actually makes sense. He wants to play character "lamer than it has ever been played". I can't think of any well known Rain players, and Im sure Tom has done things with rain no one has ever even seen before.
    Topic: Anyone can be used in a tourney, Didn't a Stryker just recently win a tourney?
  16. salvificblood

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    Stryker was used for one matchup which was against Kitana, I believe. That's one of Stryker's better matchups because he can control the airspace kitana usually enjoys. I don't really classify that as Stryker taking a Tournament. Taking a tournament would be him getting through pools, etc, against the whole cast.

    Maybe Sub-Zero can get far in tournament play but you're going to have to have a really good secondary to cover certain matchups at a high level. Taking a tourny with sub-Zero would be what Tom Brady did at powerup with Sub.


    I haven't been following majors recently (I'll be watching WB though), is CD Jr. still playing Rain? If so, I can only think of Sektor.. granted, Ketchup reps him in the EU scene, and he's pretty much got everything with that character down to a tee.
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  18. BigC

    BigC I'm great in my world.

    That picture is amazing.
  19. ChuckFiasco

    ChuckFiasco "I'm the 12th best Sub-Zero player in the world."

    I love SZ rage.
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  20. YOMI DJT

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    Of course he is tournament viable he just has annoying mathups like kitana, sindel, kabal,skarlet,kenshi you just got to know your matchups KL vs SUB is not a bad mu for sub imo just throwin that out there

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