Is NinjaKiller the best Mortal Kombat X player? Podcast discussion.

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By General M2Dave on Oct 29, 2018 at 8:59 PM
  1. General M2Dave

    Hello, everyone. Big D, REO, Zyphox, and I return with another podcast episode, featuring Tom Brady as the guest. The topics as well as times are listed below.

    00:30 - East Coast Throwdown (Last Chance Qualifier for the Injustice 2 Pro Series Finals) Discussion

    10:10 - Current state and growth of the FGC, which includes discussions about the life of a professional fighting game player, money, sponsors, staying in school, etc.

    48:14 - Predictions for the Injustice 2 Pro Series Finals, November 13th in Chicago

    57:07 - Is NinjaKiller the best Mortal Kombat X player or just a "necro"? Heated debate!

    Please leave any feedback in this thread.
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Discussion in 'Podcasts, Shows & Archives' started by General M2Dave, Oct 29, 2018.

      Every time I tried to speak truth I would get something along the lines of “what man not everyone wants a family and career or retirement or house or kids” or “damn dude u trying to tell people not to pursue their dreams”

      Fighting games are no more than a hobby and you are delusional if u ever think you will make anything from it. DELUSIONAL

      ppl pursue fighting games bc it’s easier to sit on a couch instead of going to do something productive. They try to turn their lazy ass couch habit into something more.

      I wonder how many ppl screw up school or relationships bc of their “dream” I personally know many.
    2. CrimsonShadow
    3. Bruno-NeoSpace
      Nowadays: yes.

      Through MKX life time: nope

      although his Liu Kang is the best i have EVER seen. A mix of SylverRye with Xarakamaka :eek::cool:
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    4. Jynks
      Tom Brady just talks to much fucking truth in that NinjaKiller section.

      I absolutely agree with him. This is a guy still playing MKx and playing well, posting videos and is he treated well.. no people laugh and call him out and those same people complain that the scene dies after the next game comes out. It doesn't matter who is playing and who has stopped playing.. the important thing is that he likes it and plays..and saying it is attention whoring to post videos.. EVERYONE posts gameplay videos now. I mean how can this dude sit in a podcast which is a video of chatting and option and diss someone else for posting a video on the same games he is posting a video on?!! WTF.

      Is Ninja better than Sonic.. probably not.. is he the best MKx player.. maybe.. many are not playing it.. dose any of that matter.. no..

      Still if we ever want to get out of the 2 year cycle and have lasting games with actual longevity as a community we gotta stop the "hail to the chief" bullshit and call out anyone that tries to play the game.
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    5. NothingPersonal
      Great podcast except the part where m2dave speaks.
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    6. Juggs
      Haven’t gotten to watch/listen yet, but on the “best” topic. You can only justifiably be considered the overall “best” in a fighting game based on tournament results. You can be labeled the best “online” player or something similar. But the overall “best” title is based on tournament results.

      I know people are going to say “yeah but there’s not many, if any, tournaments for MKX anymore”. Which is unfortunate for Ninjakiller, or any player who continued to play any game that no longer has an active tournament scene. But you have to be objective in situations like these.

      Also, to clarify, it doesn’t need to be a main game or at EVO or anything to have an “active tournament scene”. So that’s not what I’m talking about.

      This isn’t to take away any credit to Ninjakiller or any other player. He’s obviously very talented and from what I’ve seen and heard, probably the best current online player in MKX.
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    7. Marlow
      I listened to the Ninja topic. I think what NinjaKiller is doing is great. He loves MKX, so he keeps playing it. I'd rather more players who feel the same way do that and be happy instead of constantly complaining about Injustice 2 and being unhappy.
      Very well said.
      M2dave speaks too much truth for you? About how ppl are delusional to think they can make a life out of this stuff? He is an evo medalist and I for one respect his opinion. Not sure where the M2dave hate comes from he is a staple in the community
    10. NothingPersonal
      Having an evo medal doen't make his opinions truth by default.
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    11. Wigy
      I'm just glad everyone is pointing out how ignored Kang was. That stupid dragon kick was like the ice clone of rushdown.

      Who's bread on the stream btw. That guy speaks the truth and isn't just rambling and yelling.

      Also lol at Tom complaining takeda doesn't let sub play his game.

      Sub doesn't let half the cast fucking move.
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    12. CrimsonShadow
      That’s Big D. Imo he has the most rational opinions of anybody (along with REO who tends to be pretty open-minded and logical).

      The thing Rye kept trying to bring up that most people were missing, is that the Ninjakilla backlash was because his fans were trophy-casing the wins over top players who hadn’t been grinding the game in 2 years. It should never have been about whether Ninja uploaded the set.
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    13. Wigy
      Yeah id agree. Then m2 and Brady just crazy rambling with big personal bias.
    14. Second Saint
      Second Saint
    15. Swindle
      Some good stuff in the podcast realm these last few weeks.
      Where the hell are Slips&Hippo though? I miss those fucking fucks
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    16. CmC_HAt
      the best player of MKXL is Pepe el loco (crazy Pepe) lives in La habana, Cuba.No one knows about him cause we dont have internet conecction. If you wanna know someone superior to sonic Fox come here and contact me this via

      PD: im the 2nd one.
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    17. Skedar70
      Hes probably referring to the part were M2dave is mad because NinjaKiller gets all the props and uploaded how he mopped the former best players of mkx.
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    18. Swindle
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    19. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      I just wanna get something out, since we do walk about MKX here. MKX might not getting the same amount of tournies now, but the game is not dead, not by a long shot. MKX was on the main roster of 4 majors this alongside IJ2 (the 2 KIT events, CB and Viennality) and there was also a major in France earlier this year (I believe it's called Ultimate Fighting Arena) where there was no IJ2 tourney at all, but the event included a side tourney for MKX. Not to mention all of the tournies for MKX that happen in Pakistan in recent months.

      So MKX still gets the attention it deserved by the players, just as much as NinjaKilla gives it right now, as well as other guys online like Confess Your SinZ (he was in the ESL MKX Pro league IIRC, he did make it to the top 8 of one of the weeks at least once. He is a very great Reptile player, and he's got a YouTube channel which I'm subscribed to). So MKX isn't dead, it's alive and well.

      So saying stuff like "this victory over Sonic doesn't count as it's a dead game" is completely false and invalid. The only reason that this win for Ninja is not as big as his fans and/or Sonic's haters make it to be is because Sonic in particular doesn't grind MKX as much as he used to (and even then, like I said in the thread about that set, this victory still has some significance, just not as much as it could've has Sonic kept playing MKX on regular basis), but grinding MKX is still legit as it ever was. Like @Jynks, people need to stop put that much focus on the cycle, especially since NRS themselves had broke the cycle earlier this year.
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      Oh missed that.
    21. CrimsonShadow
      I think part of the issue is that there are two definitions of dead game:

      1) Literally dead

      This is the one the FGC keeps trying to push on games that aren't actually dead. The situation when nobody plays a game anymore and there's no real interest among anyone. Imo MKX is very much alive in this sense -- it's not technically dead.

      2) 'Dead' as in, not the focus of a significant number of top-level tournament players

      This is the 'dead' that people usually refer to MKX as. It doesn't mean that nobody plays the game; it means that the vast majority of the best players we have, are beyond the point where focusing on grinding MKX is worth their time and energy. Even if there are some good players playing, there are not enough great ones for a viable competitive scene, and many of the ones who used to play just play for fun now when they enter.


      The fact of the matter is that this community is not yet big enough to play two games in the second sense -- to have them both be vibrant, well-supported with a good-sized roster of top-level tournament players grinding and trying to be at their best in both.

      Although people like to talk about the same community playing two games, the truth is that the same community *never* plays two games. We harken back to the days when a good tourney-level player could compete in several top-level games alone. Those days are done.

      When USF4 and Marvel both hit maturity, they had a completely different crew of top players for both games. Flocker KBR and Chris G vs. Infiltration/Xian/Kazunoko/Snake Eyez/etc. Smash 4 and Melee are two different communities. It doesn't matter who makes the games, they are not the same people. Most of the crossover is in random entrants, not the full community.

      If MKX wants to build it's own community, that's cool. But it doesn't make sense for any top player to be grinding it out in both if they're trying to have a tourney career. Splitting your focus is what loses you the edge against other players (and even Sonic hasn't been immune to this in INJ2).
    22. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      I am not criticizing the fact that Nina Killer is playing the game. He can play Mortal Kombat X until 2030 for all I care. My question is, why did he upload the series? Sonic Fox has most likely not played the game for several months. What does beating a player who no longer plays the game prove? Sonic Fox has obviously dedicated the vast majority of his time to Dragon Fighter Z and a little bit to Injustice 2.

      As far as the question in the title is concerned, I ask "Who really cares?" He won nothing when everyone played the game and there was a lot of money on the line. I am not saying he is a bad player. I am not saying he is a "necro" as many others do. I am not even saying Sonic Fox would destroy him in his prime. Just please stop this blind fanaticism about a dead game.
    23. Juggs
      Just a crazy, wild guess, but maybe for entertainment purposes? You don’t have to care that he won, you don’t have to watch it.
    24. Wigy
      Why shouldn't he, people wanted to see it. He cleared it with fox. The set was ace he did insane shit, it's not cherry picked.

      Jesus it's not bad enough people getting pointlessly butthurt over shit that happens to them, people have to get butthurt for others for no good reason. Sonicfox doesn't care.

      I see absolutely no justification in what you're saying if Sonic fox cleared him to upload.

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